The Big Day: What to Expect in the Hospital as an Intended Parent

After years of anticipation, the birth of your child is finally on the horizon. As your surrogate mother looks ahead to delivery, how do you prepare for the hospital as an intended parent? Though the situation is unique, nearly every…

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Developing Healthy Communication with Your Surrogate Mother

Matching with your surrogate mother is one of the most meaningful and exciting steps of the surrogacy process. Your agency will facilitate the pairing—ensuring intended parents match with a surrogate mother that shares their same views, morals and desired communication…

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Understanding State-by-State Surrogacy Laws for LGBTQ+ Intended Parents

With the triumphant legalization of gay marriage across the US in 2015, the door to surrogacy opened up to LGBTQ couples. The surrogacy process for gay and lesbian families now follows a very similar path as all intended parents. Same-sex…

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9 Tips for Tracking Your Surrogate’s Pregnancy

Waiting for the arrival of a new baby comes along with plenty of anticipation. As intended parents, you may feel even more eagerness to track the surrogate’s pregnancy from afar. Without the daily reminders of the pregnancy, it’s important to…

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Paying for Surrogacy: How Much it Costs and How to Afford It

The joyful decision to pursue surrogacy can also evoke a bit of financial concern. After all, the cost of surrogacy is a significant hurdle for many families. Though this feeling is normal, this worry doesn’t need to overshadow the excitement…

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