How Much Does a Surrogate Mother Get Paid in Texas?

Becoming a surrogate is a generous decision with many benefits. You'll be helping another family fulfill their dream of having a child. With Simple Surrogacy, you'll be connected to a supportive network of surrogacy coordinators who have all been surrogates…

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Gay Parents Raising Happy Kids

All parents want to raise happy, confident kids whether they’re straight or gay parents. When you’re the parents of a child born through surrogacy, raising happy kids is no different from that of any other parents - you’ll just have…

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Surrogate Costs in Texas

If you are considering becoming intended parents, or are interested in becoming a surrogate mother to help those who cannot have children of their own, Simple Surrogacy of Dallas, Texas can help! For a myriad of reasons, our Texas location…

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Surrogacy for Gay Men in California

If you are a gay man in California who is considering becoming a parent through surrogacy, congratulations! Simple Surrogacy welcomes you and invites you to explore our surrogacy process.  Our Texas location gives us an advantage over other surrogacy agencies,…

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Having A Baby with A Surrogate: Everything That You Need To Know

Surrogacy is an amazing experience that is shared between intended parents and surrogates and provides families with a newborn of their own. While the process has been around for decades, advancements in both medicine and technology have made it an…

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