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Simple Surrogacy offers our clients all the services of a full-service agency, at attractive fees we are able to offer because of our Texas Advantage. Simple Surrogacy is one of the largest surrogacy and egg donation agencies in the U.S. and we work in every state where surrogacy is supported by the legal system. We are highly regarded in the surrogacy community for helping our clients achieve success. We are proud members of the Better Business Bureau with which we hold an A+ rating.  We adhere to ASRM/SART guidelines, and FDA guidelines in all of our Surrogacy and Egg Donor programs. We are nationally recognized in the press, and have been featured in Newsweek, USA Today, The LA Times, The Fort Worth Star Telegram, CBC National News Radio, Dallas Child Magazine, The Sacramento Bee, among many others.

We offer all prospective clients references to former clients who have utilized our program. Our referral network consists of some of the most respected doctors, attorneys and psychologists in the surrogacy field. We are highly committed to helping our clients achieve success.

We are a full service agency, with a full service staff able to provide all services required in your surrogacy arrangement.  Our staff and licensed professionals are skilled at working together to make your surrogacy smooth and complication free. We pride ourselves on our client focus and excellent service. Our program includes many ways we streamline your jouney for improved coordination of your services, which helps keep our costs low.We invite you to schedule your consultation at our Dallas office so you can begin your journey!

MATCH QUICKLY: Simple Surrogacy has one of the largest databases of available Surrogates. There is very little wait to match with one of our surrogates or donors, and we have already done the work to insure they are viable candidates. Our Surrogates and Donors are all professionally screened, including thorough background, financial and criminal checks, and psychologically screened by a mental health professional. Every Surrogate candidate is interviewed by our Program Director before being admitted to our program. Surrogates’ medical backgrounds are also rigorously screened, only 2 in 10 applicants are admitted to our program. Simple Surrogacy can also offer repeat, proven egg donors and surrogates because of our excellent program and their satisfaction with our services.

PROFESSIONAL COORDINATION: Simple Surrogacy provides professional coordination throughout your surrogacy journey. Unlike smaller agencies who will only be able to provide a referral to an attorney and a clinic and leave you to find your own way, Simple Surrogacy remains involved every step of your process. We will work closely with our partner attorneys to ensure your contract is executed quickly and accurately. We will coordinate with your clinics to ensure your surrogate and egg donor arrive at their appointments on time, and we even arrange all travel for them to your clinics. Our surrogate coordinators will check on your surrogates weekly to insure the pregnancy is going smoothly, and they are available 24/7 should a problem or issue arise.The surrogacy process is complex, and requires experienced attention throughout to ensure a smooth journey to parenthood.

PROFESSIONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH CLINICS: Simple Surrogacy not only has a relationship with many of the top IVF clinics in the U.S., but in many cases we can offer preferred rates at these clinics to our clients. In Texas and California, we work with several top IVF clinics who offer reduced rates to our clients. Clinic and Doctor and references are available upon request. The clinics and doctor’s offices that we are affiliated with are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and follow all FDA screening protocols for surrogate and donor arrangements.

FDIC INSURED ESCROW ACCOUNTS: We do not mix client funds with Agency funds and we keep all client escrow funds in separate federally insured escrow accounts for our client’s peace of mind and security of funds. On demand, itemized statements are provided to all escrow clients, and all of our Surrogates fill out expense reports detailing all expenses, which are also provided to our clients monthly.

ASRM/SART and RESOLVE and AFA APPROVED: Simple Surrogacy is a member of RESOLVE (The National Infertility Association), the American Fertility Association, and the Better Business Bureau. We also follow all guidelines issued by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE: As an agency experienced in International Surrogacy arrangements, Simple Surrogacy will assist our International clients with the many issues that Intended Parents from other countries will face. Please visit our International Surrogacy page to review our unique approach for your country of origin. We offer translation services in nearly every language to our international clients, and we can arrange a translator be avaliable for your consultation call.

EXPERIENCED ATTORNEYS IN ASSISTED REPRODUCTION LAW: Simple Surrogacy counts among its partner attorneys the most experienced attorneys in their fields. Having partner attorneys in every state with favorable surrogacy laws, we are able to offer the best in legal representation and advice to our clients. Because we partner with the best attorneys in every state where Surrogacy is legal, and we have never had a contested case or had a case where the Intended Parents did not immediately and easily obtain their parental rights to their children. In Texas, for Married Couples, we can also offer our Legal Included Program, with a direct referral to our experienced partner attorneys who will take advantage of the most favorable surrogacy laws in the country. Your attorney will guide you through the legal process, from drafting the surrogacy contract to obtaining court recognition of your parental status.

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