Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in Texas to work with your Agency?

No! The laws used in your Gestational Surrogacy Arrangement are the laws of the state that the Surrogate resides in. Surrogates can live in any state that is Surrogacy friendly, if you’re not sure please email us to ask!

Intended Parents, we will match you in a surrogate-friendly state, depending on your needs for the birth certificate. We work with clients from all around the world, including the UK, Italy, France, Scotland, Ireland, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Spain, the U.A.E., China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and every state in the United States.

Why should I choose Simple Surrogacy as my Agency?

Our co-owner and co-founder, Stephanie Scott is a three-time previous surrogate. She completely understands and relates to the generosity and caring that are required to become a Gestational Surrogate. As women, and a 95% female staff, we can relate intimately to process of having a baby in a way no man can fully ever understand. Simple Surrogacy is the Agency rated the most highly among all surrogates having been through an agency journey. We understand your concerns about the surrogacy form an insider’s perspective, and have though through all of your concerns in advance to make sure you are cared for and have the most wonderful experience possible in helping someone grow their family.

  • Compensation held in a Bonded Escrow account, endorsed by Men Having Babies.
  • No permission required from Intended Parents to reimburse or pay you like in 3rd party escrow accounts
  • We do NOT issue a 1099 to our surrogates
  • Agency is Female owned and run, by previous surrogates and egg donors
  • Surrogate chooses the Intended Parents FIRST, you will have the personal match you desire
  • Experienced team of previous surrogate support coordinators to provide 24/7 help by phone
  • Experienced Program Director who is a former Surrogate available 24/7
  • Body Recovery Fee after delivery
  • Personalized push gifts, Bump Boxes
  • BBB A+ Rated business for over 15 years

What is my base compensation? What Expenses are reimbursed?

For a New Surrogate, Base compensation is set at $55,000 (typical, some coastal states higher) for a surrogate with Insurance. Without Insurance, you would receive $50,000 (typical, some coastal states higher) and the Parents would pay for a policy for you.

If you are an experienced surrogate, we invite you to specify your own compensation in your profile. Experienced Surrogates typically get $5,000 additional, for every subsequent journey, on top of first time surrogate compensation. We are happy to suggest a compensation within the range of current norms.

In addition, all of your expenses are paid.

Do you issue 1099 tax forms to your surrogates?

Please ask your tax preparer for tax advice but you will not receive a 1099.

I’ve had my tubes tied, can I still be a surrogate?

Yes! Having your tubes tied does not prevent you from being a surrogate.

Can I pick my OB or midwife? Can I pick my delivery hospital?

Yes. You can keep your usual midwife or hospital. Your delivery preferences are noted in your profile, and we will match according to your preferences. You will also complete a birth plan so we can make sure your Intended Parents understand your wishes.

The only time you might have to be flexible is if there are complications in your pregnancy that require an OB/GYN or hospital delivery for your safety and that of the babies.

Why should I apply to be a Surrogate with Simple Surrogacy?

Simple Surrogacy is co-owned and co-founded by a three time previous surrogate who understands exactly the journey you are about to undertake. Our female owned and 95% female staffed agency intimately understands the gift you are becoming because we are all mothers and have brought children into the world. We will make sure you are appreciated, and cared for with the gift you are giving.

  • Compensation held in a Bonded Escrow account, endorsed by Men Having Babies.
  • No permission required from Intended Parents to reimburse or pay you like in 3rd party escrow accounts
  • We do NOT issue a 1099 to our surrogates
  • Agency is Female owned and run, by previous surrogates and egg donors
  • Surrogate chooses the Intended Parents FIRST, you will have the personal match you desire
  • Experienced team of previous surrogate support coordinators to provide 24/7 help by phone
  • Experienced Program Director who is a former Surrogate available 24/7
  • Body recovery allowance after delivery
  • Personalized push gifts
  • BBB A+ Rated business for over 15 years

How do I receive my payments?

Payments are made according to the contract and are automatically sent out 5 business days in advance of their payment due date. Simple Surrogacy, LLC was started by Surrogate mothers and Egg Donors who understand the importance of prompt payments when it comes to your own family and taking care of the child growing within you.

Reimbursements are paid out on the first of every month based on receipts received for approved expenses submitted up to the 15th of the month. No approval is ever needed for Emergency Room visits for emergencies. A coordinator will work with you to make the process as easy for you as possible while respecting the Intended Parents pocketbook.

What happens if I run out of monthly expense money and still have expenses?

We don’t want you to miss your OB/GYN appointment because you could not afford to fill up your gas tank and we don’t want you to stop taking your prenatal vitamins because you did not have the cash to pay for them. If you need an advance to pay for IVF transfer childcare expenses or travel expenses we will do our best to make sure your needs are met. Call us and we will help you out. We strongly prefer that we make one reimbursement check a month to you but we do understand that the price of gas and other expenses that arise suddenly can create a bad cash flow moment for a family. We have all been there. For large expenses like airline tickets and motel/hotel stays we pay for that directly and get reimbursement from the parents’ escrow account.

Who will I talk with at Simple Surrogacy?

You will be assigned a contact at Simple Surrogacy LLC who will check in on you regularly throughout the process. She will work out with you what is best whether it is by phone, e-mail, mail, whatever works! You will have someone to talk to about your worries, to console you when times are tough,, and to share the joy of the first heartbeat. Yes, you will have your intended parent(s) to share this with but you will have us as well.

How does Matching work?

If you are an approved Simple Surrogacy LLC Surrogate we will work to match you with a parent that shares your pregnancy values. Relationships between Surrogate mother and Intended Parent all vary. We make every effort to manage expectations on both sides of the relationship and make the getting to know you part of the process simple and relaxed. You are giving them the most wonderful gift of their life. They are nervous about getting everything right and have been through so much to get to this point. We try to match the needs of both the Surrogate mother and the parent. Sometimes you will end up with a new set of lifelong friends and sometimes it will be just a pleasant interlude and occasionally it is something you just get through. You will know that for the rest of your life you made a big difference in someone else’s life and that the child or children that you bring into the world are the most wanted children possible that will be loved beyond measure.

How soon will I be matched?

Most Surrogates receive profiles to select within hours of being approved for matching. Most are matched within a few days once they select and some are a few weeks. You can be matched immediately! The time to match depends on personality, location, rate charged, insurance coverage, willingness to terminate if there are chromosomal defects (ie: Down Syndrome), willingness to reduce if there are triplets or a higher order multiple. We do not see parents that would wish to terminate for gender and would actively discourage that wish from a parent. There is PGD testing that can be done before blastocyst transfer that can allow for sex selection. When parents have arrived at surrogacy as a means for completing their family they have a high respect for a baby’s quality of life as well as their very existence. If they can afford to they will probably over test rather than under test to make sure that all is well with the pregnancy. The look of shared joy between you and the Surrogate parent upon the first fetal heartbeat will be one of the sweetest moments in your life.

How many tests will I take?

Surrogates can be tested for all range of things. It all varies by clinic requirement. There are also FDA requirements for testing of Egg Donors and Sperm donors whether they are the intended parent or a known or anonymous donor. Egg Donors and Traditional Surrogates will be tested for a full range of STDs and communicable diseases within 30 days of egg transfer to a Surrogate in an IVF process. Sperm donors must be tested for STDs and communicable diseases within 7 days of the transfer to the Surrogate. This testing requirement came from the FDA and was introduced in May of 2005 and is designed to protect the recipient of foreign organs, in this case the Surrogate mother. For FET transfers of eggs frozen before May of 2005 there will be wavers for the Surrogate mother to sign since testing for STDs within 30 days for the Egg Donor and 7 days for the sperm donor may not have been done. The Surrogate mother will also be tested for STDs and communicable diseases and for life insurance establishment the Surrogate will be tested for Nicotine (Cigarette use, etc.) and illegal drugs. The intended parent also has the right to test at anytime during the pregnancy for Nicotine or illegal drugs. Cigarette smoking can cause birth defects and premature birth.

What happens if there is an emergency?

If there is a medical emergency please go to the ER or call 911. All Surrogates in our program will be given the cell phone number of their coordinator at Simple Surrogacy. Your coordinator is your support system. Please feel free to call your coordinator day or night. We are here to ensure you are taken care of no matter what time of the day or what the situation might be.

Why should I use Simple Donations?

In short, to save time and money. Egg Donation can be an expensive process. Simple Donations believes that everyone should be able to experience the joy of raising a child. We want to help as many people as possible by keeping our fees low so that being able to have a child isn’t just about finances. We’ll also save you time by handling all the details of the Egg Donation process so you can relax and concentrate on the arrival of your child(ren).

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