Choosing the Best Egg Donation Agency: 10 Questions to Ask

Becoming an egg donor is a highly personal decision. Your body’s health, individual comfort, and personal motivations for making this choice are all unique to you and your story. Perhaps you have loved ones that have struggled with fertility issues…

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How Long is the Egg Donation Process?

To understand the length of the egg donation process, you must first understand the procedure required to donate your eggs. The following information may help you prepare ahead of time for the commitment. The Application Stage The first step, of…

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Tips for Talking to Your Partner About Surrogacy

Becoming a surrogate mother can be a wonderful, selfless act. It can allow those who are unable to conceive and/or carry a baby to term the opportunity to have a baby that is genetically linked to the mother, the father…

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How to Explain Surrogacy to a Child

When it comes to explaining certain real-life situations to kids, like "What is a surrogate mother?", you may find it difficult if you don't know all the details yourself. Fortunately, we now have the internet readily available to help us…

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The Steps Involved in Egg Donation

Being able to provide eggs to a woman who can't produce healthy ones herself can be a beautiful act. There are several steps that a potential donor has to go through in order to be considered, and you can choose…

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