Destination: Simple Surrogacy

If you have ever considered becoming a surrogate mother, chances are there are a million thoughts running through your mind at once.  Is this the right thing for me? What if something happens along the way? What will people think?…

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Simple Surrogacy Spotlight on Aimee Schaedig -Surrogate Support Coordinator

Aimee is a Surrogate Support Coordinator at Simple Surrogacy. Currently residing in California but a true Texan at heart. She's been married since 2012 and has two amazing sons of her own. Aimee carried twins for two separate sets of…

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Simple Surrogacy Spotlight on Jill Errera -Intended Parent Coordinator

I started my journey as a surrogate in 2007, about a year after the birth of my daughter.  I answered a classified ad on a surrogacy website, not knowing the Intended Parents were represented by Simple Surrogacy.  Almost 13 years,…

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Simple Surrogacy Spotlight on Nicki Patterson -Surrogate Support Coordinator

Becoming a gestational surrogate was something I hadn't ever considered until I was introduced to Simple Surrogacy through a fellow surrogate. I was immediately drawn into a warm and welcoming community that was excited to have another "sister". I was quickly…

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How to Find the Perfect Egg Donor

When you’re thinking about becoming a parent, you’re making a decision that will jump start several other exciting decisions to make. If you’ve decided on surrogacy to grow your family and are in need of an egg donor, you have…

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