Surrogacy Books/Blogs for Adults

Intended parents have many questions about the surrogacy process that are sometimes best answered by others who are going through or have already gone through it. Luckily, many books and blogs have been written by experts as well as intended…

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Preparing Kids to Welcome Surrogate Siblings

Surrogacy and Siblings Surrogacy is an exciting journey! A new baby is certainly an excellent call for celebration. Your family is growing by one, and now you have the unique opportunity to help prepare your children for the newest addition.…

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Books That Explain Surrogacy to a Child

Surrogacy can be a difficult concept to grasp when you’re an adult. Just imagine how confusing the idea of surrogacy can be to a child! If you have children and are bringing a new sibling into their world via surrogate,…

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Dealing with Questions about Your Family- Spreading Awareness

For decades, many people assumed that only heterosexual couples would have children and that children and their parents would be biologically related. But recent medical advances have changed this. Surrogacy has opened up the opportunity of parenthood to thousands of…

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Emotional Health of Surrogate Children/Children Born Via Surrogacy to Gay Dads Share Their Story

Much has been written about the emotional and mental health of women who choose to become egg donors or gestational surrogates, making a generous, life-affirming decision for the benefit of another couple. Up until now, however, little has been studied…

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