Why Is Surrogacy Controversial?

Surrogacy is the most controversial version of Alternate Family Planning. There’s no doubt about it when most countries have strictly prohibitive laws around what kind of surrogacy you can pursue, when, and under what conditions. The US actually has very…

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Why Agencies Have Surrogate Requirements

Surrogates need to meet highly-specific criteria to help a family grow, and the guidelines for that are set by each agency individually. Each requirement is based on proven criteria that makes the daunting process of IVF and IUI easier and…

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Why Surrogacy is Important for LGBTQ+ Couples

The LGBTQ+ community is not exempt from the desire to have children and raise a family. Over the years, the process for adoption by same-sex and trans couples has changed significantly, and these days more couples are looking into surrogacy…

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What Are the Risks of Being a Surrogate?

Everything worth doing comes with some risk attached. Surrogacy is no different! When bringing someone’s child into the world the gestational carrier has their mental health, physical health, and more to consider. We like to acknowledge the time and effort…

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International Surrogacy in the United States

International surrogacy is a hot topic this March because countries like Ireland have recently increased their restrictions on gestational surrogacy; this policy change has caused many Irish people to look abroad for their surrogacy needs. The news has been about…

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