Sleeping Aids and Tricks to Get Your New Baby to Sleep!

As intended parents, you have excitedly waited for the birth of your new baby via the surrogacy process. There are likely many worries that you are anticipating once the baby arrives. One of the biggest fears for many new parents…

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Socialization for Your Baby

Socialization plays an important role in a baby's development. Exposure to others - other children and other adults - can help children learn, even from a very young age, about voices, conversations, facial expressions and emotions. Even just hearing two…

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Parenting Mistakes to Avoid

If you’re an intended parent anxiously awaiting the birth of your child via the surrogacy process, congratulations! You are about to take on one of the most important, challenging roles that you will ever have in your lifetime-- that of…

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Shopping Guide for New Babies – Necessities Every Baby Needs

The day is finally here! The day your surrogate mother has given birth to your beautiful baby. Soon you’ll be bringing your little one home. Are you prepared with all the necessities that every baby needs in those first few…

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Bonding with Your Precious Baby

You’ve waited months to meet your precious baby, this amazing new member of your family. And now it’s time to take your little bundle of joy home with you. One of the most wonderful experiences of having a new baby…

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