Will Egg Donation Affect Future Fertility?

When you choose to become an egg donor, you are making the decision to help change an individual or couples life forever. This is an extremely selfless act, but even if you know you are willing to help, many times…

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How Much Does Egg Donation Cost?

Are you considering egg donation to start or grow your family? If you’ve struggled with infertility or genetic diseases that stop you from getting pregnant, egg donation can help you have a child. Egg donation is a selfless act that…

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Intended Parents Process: Egg Donation

Are you considering egg donation to start or grow your family? If you are, you should choose Simple Surrogacy as your agency to guide you throughout the journey. We know how difficult the road that has lead you here has…

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How is Egg Donation Done?

Many people consider donating their eggs to help a deserving couple or individual start a family of their own, but they don’t know how the procedure is done. That’s why we decided to create a blog that goes through the…

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Is Egg Donation Painful?

One of the first things that people ask when they begin to consider egg donation is whether or not it is painful. This blog will look at all of the medical protocol and procedures that go into egg donation in…

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