The Benefits of Attending a Surrogacy Conference

Conferences aren’t always the most exciting events to attend, especially on a weekend that you could be relaxing or going off on another adventure; however, they can be absolutely invaluable for forming connections, growing a deeper understanding of the rules…

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Advantages and disadvantages of the surrogate process

The Surrogate Mother process: What does it involve? Surrogacy is becoming an ever-increasing option for starting families in the United States. Americans are often curious to find out more about how the surrogacy process works, but they don’t have access…

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Surrogate Compensation and Expenses

The surrogacy community is full of compassionate and selfless individuals who care deeply about family; but no matter how selfless these individuals are, surrogacy comes with a high price tag. If you’re looking to join the surrogacy community as either…

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How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency as a Surrogate: Part Two

Choosing a surrogacy agency to work with as a Surrogate can be a tough decision with several factors to consider. That’s why we decided to continue our previous blog and provide more insight into what to consider. Keep reading to…

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My Surrogate Has Gestational Diabetes, What Does That Mean?

We often hear from Intended Parents that they are worried about their Surrogate having gestational diabetes. That’s why we chose to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about gestational diabetes and what it means if your Surrogate has…

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