Surrogate Pregnancy: All You Need to Know

For many people, their journey to parenthood does not always turn out how they thought it would. Some have experienced a long road of infertility, while others knew right from the start that there could be complications. There are a…

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Surrogate Compensation and Expenses

The surrogacy community is full of compassionate and selfless individuals who care deeply about family; but no matter how selfless these individuals are, surrogacy comes with a high price tag. If you’re looking to join the surrogacy community as either…

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Surrogacy History at a Glance

When making the decision to join the surrogacy community, most likely you researched the process--whether you are looking to become a Surrogate, Egg Donor, or Intended Parent-- and the laws and legalities surrounding it. A lot of the information probably…

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What You Need to Know about Multiple Births for a Surrogate

Recently, a pregnancy story hit news headlines that grabbed attention around the world, and particularly in the fertility industry: “Woman Gives Birth to 9 Babies”. Even more miraculously, all of the babies survived. While Surrogates and Intended Parents need not…

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An Intended Parent’s Comprehensive Gift Guide to Surrogacy

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is exciting no matter what your circumstances are, but for those seeking alternative family planning methods like surrogacy and egg donation, there is a whole extra layer of excitement to consider – and that…

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