Surrogacy Steps

Deciding to be a Surrogate

Simple Surrogacy cares about your experience as a surrogate. Our co-founder, Stephanie Scott, is a three-time surrogate, and helped form our program to give surrogates the best possible program experience. We have many couples and singles apply to our program seeking their family, and none is accepted without first passing a background check, a credit check, and agreeing to respect our surrogates, and treat them with the care and attention they deserve. Each potential Intended Parent must pass a psychological evaluation, and undergo a detailed interview to be sure they understand the surrogacy process.

Surrogates get to choose their Intended Parents profiles first, and we do no forced matching. The experience of our surrogates is very important to our program and is the detail we consider when guiding matches.

How to Apply

The process of applying to be a surrogate is simple!

  • First, Please fill out our Surrogate Application. Once we receive your completed application, our experienced coordinator will reach out to you to answer any questions about surrogacy that you may have, and to request you complete records requests for your medical records from previous pregnancies and deliveries.
  • We will review the medical records to determine your eligibility for our program. Once past that step, we’ll schedule an meeting between you and our surrogate interviewer. She will walk you through the surrogacy agreement, review surrogate benefits with you, and make sure you fully understand the commitment to becoming a surrogate mother.
  • Once you affirm to our coordinators and staff that you understand the commitment and are ready to move forward, we will run your background check and schedule your psychological interview.
  • We’ll have your insurance reviewed to make sure it is free of exclusions for the surrogacy. If there are exclusions, we’ll assist you in obtaining additional insurance to cover the surrogacy.
  • Once you are clear, then you will get to start seeing profile to select from. We will take into consideration your preferences for a couple or single, domestic or international, gay or straight.  Most surrogates match in less than a week. You guide this process!
  • We’ll also assign you to a experienced coordinator who is a previous surrogate in your area who can be available to you 24/7 to make sure you have the best experience possible in our program!
  • After you have chosen Intended Parents on paper, we’ll mediate a phone call with you to make sure this is a good match. If things sound good on the phone, we will arrange an in-person meeting.
  • If that meeting goes well, the next step is medical screening at the clinic chosen by the Intended Parent(s). We will arrange your travel and make sure you and your companion have no out of pocket costs. None of this is billed to your insurance, and all costs are covered by your IPs at the clinic.
  • After screening, we’ll assist you in selecting an attorney who can represent you in your state, and refer your Intended Parent(s) to an attorney. All of your requests for the contract will be respected!
  • Once your contract is completed and signed, you’ll begin receiving your monthly compensation allowance and get a transfer calendar from your clinic.
  • Your coordinator will remind you of clinic appointments, and our finance department will advance you costs as needed so you have no out of pocket costs. We’ll insure you have an excellent and smooth surrogacy journey!
  • You’ll have a personal escrow advocate to oversee and monitor your escrow payments and make sure you receive all of your compensation
  • You’ll enjoy morning sickness packages, personalized push presents, and the most attention and care of any agency!

Get Started Today

Would you like to schedule a quick call with our Surrogate Intake Coordinator to get you started on your application? In just a few quick minutes she can tell you if you are qualified, answer any questions you have about the surrogacy process and get your application underway! Click to schedule your meeting today!

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