Getting to Know Simple Surrogacy

Starting or growing your family is the most personal thing in the world no matter how you go about doing it. When it comes to alternative family planning, there are a lot of moving parts and factors that don’t necessary…

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Questions Every Surrogate Wants The Answers To

Becoming a Surrogate is the most selfless gift that any woman could give another couple or individual. The process is very intimate and challenging though, so many potential Surrogates have several questions before beginning the process. That’s why we created…

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IVF Failure: What It Is and What To Do

IVF, as with all things in the world of alternative family planning, is a deeply personal experience. IVF failure – or, what happens when an embryo fails to implant in the lining of the uterus after an IVF cycle –…

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Ask a Case Manager: Simple Surrogacy’s Michelle Magers

One of the biggest ways that people interested in alternative family planning can set themselves up for success is by using a reputable agency such as Simple Surrogacy to find their Egg Donor or Surrogate. One of the primary reasons…

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Intended Parents: How To Bond With Your Baby

Surrogacy allows couples and individuals who cannot have children of their own to start or grow their family. The surrogacy process is becoming more and more common, which means it is more important than ever to discuss the bonding process…

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