Tips and Advice for Gay Dads and Surrogacy

From the very moment you decide to become parents, there are so many decisions to make. Finding an agency, choosing a surrogate, the wonders of pregnancy, and the joy of starting a family. Here are some tips and advice that…

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Why Surrogacy is Important

When people hear about surrogacy they often have several questions. How does it work? Why do people do it? There are many reasons why people choose to use surrogacy and benefit from it. This blog will look at several different…

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When to Consider Surrogacy

There are many different reasons why people choose to go the surrogacy route to have children. Although these reasons are all different, they all involve the fact that this individual or couple cannot conceive the traditional way. This blog looks…

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The History of Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a process where a woman carries the embryo of someone else throughout pregnancy. After the baby is born, the baby is given to the intended parents and the surrogate is compensated for the process. Surrogacy has not always…

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How Can I Become a Surrogate?

Are you interested in helping an individual or couple start or grow their family? There are many ways that you can help a couple or individual experience the joy of having children. One of the many ways is by becoming…

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