Tips for Managing Weight Gain During Pregnancy

So, you’ve decided to become a surrogate mother, but you have questions about how to manage weight gain during pregnancy. Here are some of the most important tips to consider as you embark on this exciting journey. 1) You Won’t…

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Benefits of Agencies for Surrogate Mothers

Making the decision to become a surrogate mother is a big responsibility. Not only will you dedicating almost a year of your life to helping create another’s family, but you'll also have to work closely with your intended parents and…

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How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry With Your New Baby

A peaceful home is a happy home. It's important to cultivate a spirit of peace and camaraderie within your home. Even when the home is loud and busy because of young children, the chaos should come from the noise level…

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Thinking About Surrogacy? Here’s What You Need to Know

Surrogates are women who carry babies for people who long to be parents but who, for a variety of different reasons, may not be able to reproduce biologically. In some instances, this may be because a prospective mother has had…

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What to Expect When Giving Birth

While it's normal for new surrogate mothers to experience some degree of trepidation as they get closer to their due dates, the process of having a surrogate baby is also a unique experience that every surrogate mother should look forward…

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