Surrogacy Process Overview

This page is designed to be an overview of the general process of using a Gestational Surrogate to become pregnant. Once in our program, we will guide you through every step of the process and supply you with our unique guide titled “What to Expect when your Surrogate is Expecting”.

Getting Started

  • Complete our Contact form to be contacted by our Executive Program Director, who will send you additional information to review
  • Read the additional information provided and compile any questions
  • Have a consultation call FREE of charge with Executive Program Director Stephanie Scott (or meet in person in our Dallas office)
  • Receive Retainer Agreement from Financial Director and co-owner Kristen Hanson and have any questions addressed
  • Sign the Retainer Agreement, and submit initial Agency Fee
  • Complete Intended Parent Profile online
  • If applicable, Browse Egg Donors free of charge
  • Background checks are run
  • Psychological consultation will be scheduled with associate psychologist


Once your background check is clear (average 10 days) and you have completed the psychological review, we will review your profile and make any necessary suggestions for speedy matching.

  • Your Intended Parent profile is sent out to available Surrogates meeting your specific criteria
  • All Surrogate’s profiles have already been screened to ensure medical qualification, have had psychological reviews completed, and background checks run
  • Once a Surrogate meeting your preferences likes your profile, their profile will be presented to you
  • A moderated conference call is arranged once all parties indicate their interest
  • A match is made! You will establish escrow to cover expenses to send the surrogate to screening, where you will meet her.
  • Begin screening process
  • If applicable, Egg Donor match confirmed and screening is arranged


Screening takes place at your clinic of choice. We are happy to refer you to excellent clinics with high success rates and an easy working relationship with surrogacy agencies. Many also offer discounts. If you already have frozen embryos, then medical screening is only for the Surrogate.

  • Medical screening for Intended Parents, including infectious disease screening
  • Medical screening for Gestational Surrogate, including infectious disease and drug screening
  • Medical screening for Egg Donor, genetic counseling & psychological assessment (If applicable)
  • Depending on clinic protocol, your sperm sample may be collected and frozen at the time of screening


If you are lucky enough to match with a Texas Surrogate, your legal process will be the cheapest and easiest in the country. We have pre-negotiated rates with excellent attorneys that will save you thousands over other states in the country, and Texas offers a simple two step legal process which results in a pre-birth order for everyone who is married, no matter sexual orientation.

  • Sign and return legal match sheet covering all contract financial aspects
  • Pay Agency legal contracts fee if matching in Texas, or pay attorney directly if matching in another state.
  • Sign attorney retainer
  • Egg Donor contract drafted and signed (If applicable)
  • Contract is drafted and you review with your attorney
  • Surrogate reviews with her own independent attorney
  • Both parties sign and notarize agreement
  • Attorney will provide a legal letter of clearance to the clinic so that all procedures may commence
  • Fund escrow in accordance with the contracts for Gestational Surrogate and Egg Donor
  • During second trimester of pregnancy, begin pre-birth Order proceedings so that contract is validated

Medical Process

The medical process will differ depending on the protocol your clinic uses, your Surrogate’s previous cycle history (if any) and if you have frozen embryos or are doing a fresh transfer. Click Here for a medical overview.

  • The Gestational Surrogate will receive a calendar from the clinic
  • Your coordinator will call you and walk you through the calendar, to be sure you understand the timeline for your Surrogate
  • The Surrogate and Egg Donor (if applicable) begin medications according to clinic calendar
  • The Donor will have the eggs retrieved and fertilized. Testing may be done to determine their quality and suitability.
  • You will transfer either 1 or 2 embryos, depending on your profile and preference.
  • You are invited to attend the transfer if you are able
  • Your Surrogate will begin testing at home as soon as 5 days following the transfer, and have your blood test 2 weeks later. Let us know if you want her to keep results to herself until the blood test!
  • Once there is a confirmed pregnancy, your Surrogate will begin receiving her compensation divided into 10 equal payments
  • Your Surrogate is released to her OB-GYN, and you receive a signed HIPPA form for direct access to her physician

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