How To Show Your Surrogate Gratitude

If you’re an Intended Parent or looking to become one, you will quickly come to understand how important your Surrogate will be to you. Not only are they going to quickly become a huge part of your life, but they…

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Intended Parents and Why They Choose Surrogacy

When an individual is considering surrogacy, it’s likely they possess the desire to help others achieve their goals of becoming parents. These individuals—commonly known as Intended Parents—will define your exciting surrogacy journey. As a Surrogate, you will understandably develop an…

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Transitioning from Infertility to Surrogacy: Questions to Ask

Transitioning from infertility to surrogacy can prove to be a big step and requires an important conversation between you and your partner. Numerous couples spend many years and a lot of money trying to become pregnant but unfortunately, to no…

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Ask a Case Manager: Simple Surrogacy’s Jill Errera

When you sign up with an agency like Simple Surrogacy, you aren’t just giving yourself a top-tier shot at successful alternative family planning. You’re also signing up to work with an array of experienced and talented professionals who all have…

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Bonding With Your Baby After Delivery

There’s a deep emotional bond rooted between a parent and their child. This bond is what makes a parent’s instincts kick in, to care for and protect their child. This is extremely important for the child’s sense of worth and…

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