Surrogacy: The Impregnation Process

There are many steps involved in the surrogacy process. After the matching has been completed and the legal stage is over, it is time to begin the impregnation process. Keep reading to learn more about what the impregnation process entails!…

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Surrogacy: What is Cycling

Are you beginning your journey as an Intended Parent or a Surrogate? Congratulations! This journey will be rewarding, humbling, and bring a beautiful new life into the world. Many people are curious about surrogacy and what the process entails. That’s…

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Birth Stories- Telling Your Child They Were Born Via Surrogacy

Intended parents often have more than a few concerns when they start to consider having a baby via surrogacy. One of the ideas that makes intended parents the most uncomfortable and that we at Simple Surrogacy encounter most often is,…

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Top Tips for Single Parents Expecting Surrogate Babies

Thanks to modern medical science, it's now possible to become a parent even if you don't have a partner. Gestational surrogacy is the process by which a fertilized egg is implanted in a surrogate mother, and this medical procedure has…

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A Personal Story From Intended Parents – Sean. M

Are you looking to start a family of your own through surrogacy or egg donation? It’s natural to have a few questions regarding the process involved and the steps required. If you or someone you know is considering surrogacy or…

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