Pride Month: The Path to Parenthood as an LGBTQIA+ Couple or Individual

This Pride Month we’re highlighting the path to parenthood for LGBTQIA+ couples or individuals who choose surrogacy. Becoming a parent is a joyful experience, regardless if it is achieved outside of traditional methods, and Simple Surrogacy is here to help…

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Top 3 Reasons To Use Surrogacy In Texas

One of the first decisions that Intended Parents must make is where they will begin their surrogacy journey. Many Intended Parents browse through several surrogacy companies and weigh their options. One thing that does not often come to mind in…

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How to Approach Your Relationship with Your Surrogate

Your alternative family planning journey is underway. You’ve picked your Surrogate, and you’re excited about what comes next. But when it comes to your relationship with your Surrogate, it can be hard to know what is supposed to come next…

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What is a Pre- or Post-Birth Order?

Parental rights can be a sticky subject, and one that comes up frequently with alternative family planning, and particularly gestational surrogacy. With something as personal and involved as conceiving and bearing a child, understanding how parental rights work throughout this…

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How Do I Announce My Surrogacy Pregnancy?

First off, congratulations! Your journey is going as well as one could hope for and you have received that long-awaited piece of good news: your Surrogate is pregnant. As with any pregnancy announcement, Intended Parents tend to want to scream…

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