Why Talking About Surrogacy Matters

Surrogacy is a process many people do not understand – It has been greatly misrepresented in the media, rumors have been spread globally, and politicians use divisive language to pander to their base about its morality. Anyone who has been involved in the surrogacy process can speak to its benefits personally, including the great effect it has on growing an extended family and on the surrogate’s life.

This is why talking about surrogacy matters. If people who are inside the process don’t speak up for it, then falsehoods are most of what the world hears.

Blow Things Into Proportion

There are news stories everywhere about negative surrogacy experiences where the parents never came for the child, or the surrogate and the intended parents did not get along during the process. This is because as the news cycle eats up negativity, it garners more attention than positivity.

When someone brings up a case like this when talking about surrogacy, try to push the article back into proportion. Yes, the subject of these articles’ experiences are valid and often heartbreaking, but in reality, most surrogacy journeys do not go this way. An example of the most negative case is not proof that it is the same for all cases. A bad travel experience doesn’t accurately reflect all travel experiences, one bad relationship does not make all relationships terrible, and one car accident doesn’t dictate the rest of your driving history!

Be a Wealth of Information

Most people dislike things that they simply do not understand. As a surrogate or intended parent, you can dispel rumors and debunk myths for uneducated members of your community. The best way to do this is to expand your knowledge on surrogacy.

By reading up on surrogacy blogs, understanding the process from within, and knowing what the current news climate is surrounding the practice, you become the fountain of information that many people need to change their minds about surrogacy.

At Simple Surrogacy, everyone has an extremely knowledgeable representative to help them. If you find a question too difficult to answer, reach out! 

Post Online

Positivity has a place on the internet. By posting your journey and the process of surrogacy onto social media sites, you provide examples of experience that people can reference when they think about surrogacy. This is a great way to help people understand surrogacy and why it is so needed.

Posting on social media also gets around whether a news outlet is interested in a story! You are the story, and you have full control of it.

Be Patient

Many people will not understand surrogacy the first, third, or even fifth time that you explain it. This process is out of the norm and many struggle to grasp why someone would help a family grow.

By patiently explaining what you get out of the process and how it makes you feel, you can help these people little by little to understand Alternate Family Planning and the benefit it provides thousands of couples every year.

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