5 Surrogacy Accounts to Follow on Instagram

One of the greatest ways to get acquainted with the surrogacy community and learn more about the process is through social media. Social Media helps connect people all over the world and spreads social messages and recommendations across the world. Instagram, the photo and video sharing turned the highest net users of any social platform on a daily average, you’re sure to find something interesting on the app.

If you’re looking into surrogacy and want to hear some first-hand accounts, here are some accounts we recommend you look at:


@thebiggestask | The Biggest Ask

The Biggest Ask is a community account run by MJ, a mother through surrogacy, and Ashley, a surrogate, as they recount the different aspects of the surrogacy journey – good and bad. This account holds a weekly support and education group, posts trending and funny content, and addresses some of the more difficult aspects of surrogacy. They also regularly highlight accounts of surrogates and Intended Parents, as well as address commonly asked questions for those just starting out.


@mehavingbabies | Men Having Babies

Men Having Babies is an organization dedicated to assisting gay men as they have babies through surrogacy. They have conferences globally to help educate about options in the surrogacy process and the finer points surrounding legality. If you are a member of a same-sex couple that intends to have a child through surrogacy, this is one of the most important resources out there.


@resolveorg | RESOLVE

This account is operated by the National Infertility Association and is a great resource for anyone who is dealing with infertility and looking at their options. They offer webinars, facts, resources, and more to any intended parents that are experiencing infertility. While this account is not strictly about surrogacy, their resources are well worth a visit. 


@simple_surrogacy | Simple Surrogacy

Our account posts frequent news updates, blog links, testimonials, and helpful information about surrogacy. Follow the journeys of our Intended Parents at our account and find inspiration for your own journey! 


Any Surrogate or Intended Parent!

The best person to learn from about surrogacy is a surrogate. They often have an insightful view of the process, and you can track how long their journey takes. It’s also a perfect light to see surrogacy in, as many posts directly debunk common misconceptions about the process. Here are some of our recommendations for surrogates to follow for fun surrogacy content:

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