Intended Parents: Why Choose Simple Surrogacy as your Surrogacy Agency

More and more people are opting to use Surrogacy to grow or start their family. This means that more and more surrogacy agencies are opening their doors. It is important to know what a surrogacy agency can offer you and…

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What NOT to Say to a Woman Expecting a Child Through Surrogacy

There are a lot of misconceptions and outright falsehoods floating around about surrogacy, and non-traditional reproductive options in general. As a result, Donors, Surrogates and Intended Parents alike, move through a world that is shrouded in a certain amount of…

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NICU Stays After Surrogacy: What You Should Know

The last place any new parent wants to be is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (or, NICU) – and for good reason. Babies end up needing to spend some time in the NICU for any number of reasons, although premature…

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Private vs. Professional: Why You Should Always Use an Agency

So, you’ve come this far on your journey to grow your family and you’ve decided to move forward either with Egg Donors, a Surrogate, or both – what next?  How do you find that person or people? While you by…

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What to Expect at an Ultrasound

Ultrasounds – along with a plethora of other tests, including the monitoring of uterine lining and blood hormone levels – are a natural part of any modern pregnancy, and as a Surrogate, your pregnancy will be no different. So what…

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