Bringing Home a Surrogate Baby

If you are an intended parent awaiting the birth of your baby through a surrogate, you probably have several questions and concerns regarding your baby. Will your baby recognize you as the parent? Will you be able to bond with…

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Surrogacy: Behind the Procedure and How to Prepare Yourself

Surrogacy is a very rewarding, selfless act. Surrogates are consciously giving their body and going through the process of pregnancy to provide another individual, who is most likely a stranger, with the gift of becoming a parent. Making the decision…

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8 Steps Towards a Stress-Free Pregnancy

As a parent, you understand how much of a life changing experience pregnancy is. After giving birth to your own children, you can’t picture life without them. However, some individuals are not as fortunate and must look for an alternative…

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Natural Pregnancy Vs. Surrogate Pregnancy

As a child, many of us dream of the day when we can finally branch off from our parents and start a family of our own. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, some women must face their infertility and are unable…

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Surrogacy for Single Men

According to a story from the TODAY Show, there is a growing trend of single men turning to surrogacy to achieve their dreams of parenthood. Many men aspire to become fathers and dream of the day that they finally get…

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