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Earn Thousands by referring friends to be Surrogates and Egg Donors!

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Know someone who would be a great Surrogate? Refer them here to earn $1,500! Refer a friend


Simple Surrogacy Surrogates know that an all-female and Surrogate and Egg Donor owned Agency is the best one to partner with on their journey! Now you can earn thousands just by being an advocate for your friends and family to join our program as surrogates and donors!

How it Works
Simple Surrogacy believes the best surrogates are referred by friends and family who have been surrogates. That’s why we created a referral program where people could earn money by referring qualified candidates to our program. Your recommendation of us goes a long way!

In order to get credit for your referral, please make sure that she types your name on her inquiry form, in the question that asks who referred her when she is applying online.

Standard Referral Fees
Once you refer a friend to be a Surrogate, you will receive $100 after your referral signs her pre-screen match agreement with her intended parents. You will receive an additional $1,400 once she signs the Gestational Surrogate Agreement with her Intended Parent(s). When you refer an Egg Donor, you will receive $500 once she has completed her egg donation. There is NO LIMIT on the amount of money you can earn!

Additional Referral Benefits – Quarterly Gift Card Drawing
Referring your friends is a great reward – and your friends will thank you too, but we also have additional incentives for helping us recruit excellent candidates! Every Quarter, we will have a gift card drawing for everyone who sent us a referral or posted about us and tagged us on social media! You can be entered just for trying to refer! Here are the ways you can earn one entry into our Quarterly Gift Card Giveaway. Each entry increases your chance to win!

  • Someone you refer completes a surrogate application and phone interview
  • A Surrogate you referred completes her Gestational Surrogacy Agreement with her Intended Parent(s)
  • An Egg Donor you referred completes her donation
  • Your participation in any Simple Surrogacy recruitment event- such as social media posts, photo social media posts, webinars for surrogates or donors and attending referral events!

Quarter 1 January-March – Quarter 2 April-June – Quarter 3 July-September – Quarter 4 October-December 

How to refer Surrogates and Donors:

  • Be outgoing! Post a lot about your journey and tell friends about your amazing Intended Parents. Don’t be afraid to talk about Simple Surrogacy and how we support you in your journey, and ask others if surrogacy is something they’ve ever considered for themselves.
  • Start conversations by working your pregnancy and surrogacy into conversations. If someone mentions enjoying being pregnant, mention that you loved pregnancy so much that you chose to do it for others!
  • Make sure to tell them all the freedom you have gained in being a surrogate- flexible schedule, being able to stay home with your kids- share with them the benefits of being a surrogate!
  • be sure to share why you chose Simple Surrogacy- Highest compensation for Surrogates, and all-female owned and Surrogate and Donor owned and operated! No one understands surrogacy and Egg Donation like those that have done it themselves.
  • Be friendly and open. Wearing a smile can help show that you’re excited to share your experiences as a surrogate honestly.
  • If you want to share your journey on social media, be sure to tag Simple Surrogacy, and consider setting your posts about surrogacy to be public. And, as always, make sure that you’re not sharing confidential information about your Intended Parent(s).
  • Join lots of surrogacy groups on Facebook! These groups are filled with people who are already considering becoming a surrogate, but are looking for the perfect Agency. You can share with them the experiences you had with Simple Surrogacy, and how unique a female-owned agency is!

As you refer friends, don’t stress about whether a referral will be accepted as a surrogate. It’s our job to sort through the qualified applicants you send and decide who will be a great surrogate! We are so grateful for all your referrals and your trust in us, even if someone you send cannot qualify as a surrogate. Even if your referral can’t be a surrogate, we appreciate you sharing your experiences and helping to educate others about the wonderful journey that is surrogacy. You sharing your experiences can only bring more people to help create families, and that is our ultimate goal! For every surrogate you can help us recruit, there is a family that you help create and love you help to grow.


  • We pay a $1,000 referral bonus when you send us your friends and they become a surrogate!
  • Compensation held in a bonded Escrow account, and payments are sent within two business days!
  • No permission required from Intended Parents to reimburse or pay you
  • We do NOT issue a 1099 to our surrogates
  • Agency is Female owned and run, by previous surrogates and egg donors
  • Surrogate chooses the Intended Parents FIRST, you will have the personal match you desire
  • Personalized push gifts
  • Experienced team of previous surrogate support coordinators to provide 24/7 help by phone
  • Experienced Program Director who is a former Surrogate available 24/7
  • Retreat or getaway available if you choose



In order to be qualified to work with our agency as a Surrogate, you must:

  • Be a citizen or legal resident or legal immigrant of the United States
  • Be between the ages of 21-40 (Traditional Surrogates must be under 35)
  • Have given birth to a child of your own
  • Have had uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries
  • Be height-weight proportionate (BMI must be under 33)
  • Must have a valid drivers license
  • Have experienced a full-term pregnancy and delivery
  • Be in a stable living situation (7 year address verification is completed on all Surrogates) (you don’t have to live in the same place for 7 years)
  • Have the support of your spouse or partner (when applicable)
  • Be willing to review your Surrogacy Agreement with a licensed attorney (at IP’s expense)
  • Be willing to adhere to all contractual obligations throughout the process
  • Not be on public assistance
  • Be able to pass a background check
  • Have read and understood the Surrogacy process, by clicking on the link to the left
  • Be willing to take medications via injection
  • Not smoke or take illegal drugs, or be exposed to second hand smoke
  • Be willing to refrain from alcohol throughout the medical process and pregnancy
  • Not have any sexually transmitted diseases that would subject you or the child you are carrying to physical harm
  • Not have any psychiatric illness or take medications for depression or anxiety
  • Have reliable transportation to travel to Dr’s appointments and screening or matching appointments(at IP’s expense)
  • Not have had any tattoos or piercings within the past 12 months
  • Be able to provide contact information for past OBs or family doctors so we are able to obtain medical records
  • Sign necessary forms to allow us access to Medical records from previous pregnancies, and surrogacy journey
  • Enjoy pregnancy and be motivated by the wish to help others create or add to their family
  • Not have traveled to a Zika Infected country for the previous 6 months

Once you contact us by phone or email expressing an interest in being matched by our agency, we will ask that you fill out our Profile and Application, available here, or sent by mail. Once you have filled out our application, you will be contacted by our Surrogate Intake Coordinator to interview you and answer any questions you may have. Once we have received your application, medical records, insurance summary of benefits, and signed Surrogate Agreement, we will run a background check on you and interview you. Once we receive clear results, we will contact you to answer any further questions, and let you know we are ready to proceed with matching you. Thank you for being courageous enough to give the gift of life to a deserving couple or individual! Your generosity will forever change the lives of the Intended Parents in our program.

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