Looking Back: News in New York: the Child-Parent Security Act

Coming up on the one-year anniversary, the Child-Parent Security Act in the state of New York went into effect on February 15, 2021. Assembly Member Amy Paulin and Senator Brad Hoylman were the lead sponsors of the Child-Parent Security Act…

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Surrogacy for the LGBTQ Community

Here at Simple Surrogacy, our goal is to make the surrogacy process as simple as possible, no matter who the Intended Parents might be. Becoming a new parent is stressful no matter how you go about doing so, but for…

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The Benefits of Attending a Surrogacy Conference

Conferences aren’t always the most exciting events to attend, especially on a weekend that you could be relaxing or going off on another adventure; however, they can be absolutely invaluable for forming connections, growing a deeper understanding of the rules…

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Naming Your Baby in 2022

Maybe you’ve always known what you would name your baby since you first started envisioning your future family and the name-choosing process is the easiest part; but perhaps, for others, deciding on a name for your baby is one of…

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4 Ways People On Their Fertility Journey Can Take Care of Their Mental Health

Congratulations, you’ve decided to grow your family! While having children can certainly be a blessing, the act of getting pregnant can be a long, frustrating experience, especially if you’re struggling with fertility issues. Moreover, the stress and anxiety that come…

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