What to Get Your Surrogate for the Holidays

The Holidays are fast approaching, and Intended Parents who are going through the surrogacy process may be facing a difficult question: What do you get the person who is helping you reach your dreams? Don’t overthink it! Here are some tips for how to get your surrogate the perfect gift.

Remember Their Interests

Chances are, you’ve spent a significant amount of time getting to know your surrogate. Matching with a surrogate and going through this process bonds you together in a way no other experience can. When considering what to get your surrogate, think about what they enjoy! 

Similar to finding the perfect gift for anyone, you may want to be in search of something they mentioned in passing, a favorite activity, or a way to make that activity accessible to their family. In this category, look at classes for after the pregnancy, tools, memorabilia, and more in the same vein.

Something for Their Children

Surrogates have children of their own that are excited for the holiday season. One of the best presents you could get for your surrogate is something for their child! Ideally, in this frame of mind you should look for something the whole family can do together, or a book that will help them understand surrogacy.

Spa Day

No question, your surrogate’s body is going through the pregnancy process and all the pain and aches it entails. A great present for your surrogate is a spa day where they can spend some quiet time and relax.

Look out for pregnancy-friendly massages and spa deals, as there are many spas that offer these.

Something Sentimental From your Journey

The best gifts are always from the heart. Your surrogacy journey is something you and your surrogate will always share and outsiders may not understand that bond. The one thing you can get your surrogate this holiday season that no one else could is a sentimental reminder of your journey together.

Consider a photo album, some trinkets that you’ve collected over the course of the pregnancy, or a photoshoot together to remember this time.


Regardless of what you get for your surrogate, you’re showing love to them by sending them a gift. As long as it’s from the heart, you shouldn’t worry too much about the details.

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