Things We’re Thankful For

Showing thankfulness is a year-long effort for Simple Surrogacy, but we feel especially inclined to sit with those feelings of gratitude around the holiday season. Here are some things we’re grateful for this year:


Our Amazing Surrogates

This year we helped a lot of people bring new life into their home, something we couldn’t accomplish without the help of our all-star surrogates. These women give nine months of their lives and their wombs to bring a child into the world that is desperately wanted. 

Thank you to each and every surrogate who helps families grow from year to year. Without you, the world would be a darker place.


Our Intended Parents

The stories of our Intended Parents keep us motivated to go to work every day with a smile. We love what we do here, and that is in part due to our amazing Intended Parents. Each one of them becomes a member of our family, and we root for their success.

Thank you to all of you for brightening our days and giving us a reason to do what we do.


Our 20th Anniversary

We are immensely proud that this is our 20th year in business as a full-service surrogacy agency. We came from humble beginnings, as Stephanie and Kristen took their experiences as a surrogate and egg donor to start an agency that was focused on providing the best experience to everyone.

From there we have grown so much, and are so proud to be where we are.


Our LGBTQ Friends

This company supports and loves gay couples that want to have a baby. We are grateful every day for the LGBTQ+ surrogates and intended parents that come through our doors to help their communities, and are happy to represent them at prides, conferences, and more.


Our Industry Partners

Without our contacts in this industry like fertility clinics and reproductive lawyers, we would not have as strong of a positive experience with our clients. Their hard work and amazing professionalism helps us give surrogates and Intended Parents the journey of their dreams.

We are increasingly grateful for the wonderful people involved with Simple Surrogacy. We hope everyone has a safe holiday season, and a fantastic meal.


Happy Thanksgiving!

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