Questions For a Surrogate Lawyer

Although it is difficult to find reliable statistics on surrogacy, for a wide variety of reasons, it is clear to anyone who investigates surrogacy that the options and conditions that are available to someone seeking to use surrogacy to complete…

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Surrogacy Fee Structure

One of the most common concerns and obstacles of those pursuing surrogacy is the cost. Oftentimes the number can be daunting and intended parents don’t know exactly what they are paying for or why. At Simple Surrogacy, we believe that…

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Surrogacy Financing

Surrogacy is so many things. It is exciting. It is emotional. It is beautiful. At the same time, there are also costs associated with surrogacy. There are agency fees, surrogate fees, medical bills, legal fees and more. While the costs…

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Surrogacy in Texas

The state of Texas is what’s known as a “surrogacy- friendly state.” Because of its Texas location, Simple Surrogacy can offer surrogate mothers and intended parents many advantages when they choose it over a surrogacy agency from another state. Here…

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Sharing and Documenting your Surrogacy Journey

Being a surrogate for intended parents is one of the most caring and loving gifts you can give someone. For couples not able to have their own children, surrogacy is an amazing journey that allows them to have their own…

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