Egg Donor Benefits at Simple Surrogacy

Any part of pregnancy is a big decision, including egg donation. The donation process means that there’s no pregnancy involved for the donor but there’s a lot to consider beforehand. Qualifications, health of family history, and potential lifestyle changes, are…

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Why Do Potential Surrogates and Egg Donors need to be Psychologically Screened?

Surrogacy is an emotional and exciting journey, and not just for the intended parents. Surrogates and egg donors may be the most important piece of the puzzle for future families, but it’s important for future surrogates to make sure they’re…

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Frequently Asked Questions Before Becoming an Egg Donor

Simple Surrogacy welcomes new egg donors and strives to make the process of egg donation pleasant and uncomplicated. Our subsidiary, Simple Donations, handles the egg donor process for donors and intended parents. If you are contemplating becoming an egg donor,…

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What Is an Egg Donor Profile?

If you are considering becoming an egg donor for Simple Donations, a subsidiary of Simple Surrogacy, congratulations, and thank you! You are about to give the gift of life to intended parents who long for a child. You are likely…

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Surrogacy and Insurance

The initial decision to have a child can be daunting for any hopeful parent. Deciding to get a surrogate involved is a big decision. In reality, people go through surrogate agencies every day to have happy and healthy children of…

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