What is an Intended Parent Profile?

You've decided to move forward with surrogacy. Maybe you've even contacted a surrogacy agency. Your excitement is through the roof, and you're eager to get started selecting a surrogate. However, the process takes a little time and a few steps…

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How Do I Select My Surrogate?

How Do I Select My Surrogate? Single men, single women and couples can all use surrogates to help them create a family for various reasons. No matter why you are choosing to pursue surrogacy, the surrogacy process has all the…

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What is IVF and How Does It Work?

What is IVF and How Does It Work? We throw out a lot of acronyms and different phrases at Simple Surrogacy, and we know that can be a little confusing. So, let's start with the basics. What is IVF? IVF…

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Two Men and A Baby: Books About Surrogacy and Gay Parenting

You’re going to be dads…soon it will be two men and a baby. Reading books to help you through your journey of surrogacy can go a long way in validating the emotions and ups and downs you’re going through, as…

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Surrogacy Questions Asked by Gay Men

As a gay man, you’ve made the momentous decision to become a parent through surrogacy. Congratulations! Many of the issues you now face are the same as those issues faced by any intended parents choosing surrogacy. However, there are some…

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