Part Two: How to Talk About Infertility (As the Person Not Experiencing It)

In our last blog, we covered some common faux pas, unintentional cruelties and general mistakes that people often make when a loved one approaches them to talk about their infertility struggles. It can be very helpful to know what NOT…

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Part One: How Not to Talk About Infertility (As the Person Not Experiencing It)

Infertility is not the only reason a family might look to alternative family planning methods like surrogacy or egg donation, but it is a very common one. While not nearly as difficult as experiencing infertility when you want a child,…

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Advantages and disadvantages of the surrogate process

The Surrogate Mother process: What does it involve? Surrogacy is becoming an ever-increasing option for starting families in the United States. Americans are often curious to find out more about how the surrogacy process works, but they don’t have access…

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Choosing Surrogacy Over a Natural Pregnancy

When the topic of surrogacy comes up and why an individual or couple chooses to grow their family via Surrogate, the most common reasons or assumptions people think of are: infertility or health issues, including age and past birth trauma…

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What is surrogacy and what benefits has it brought to society?

How surrogacy works: key facts to consider Surrogacy has become a popular topic of conversation for Americans in recent years and continues to grow in the present as a family planning and reproductive option. But what is surrogacy? Oftentimes, the…

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