10 Ways of Coping With Infertility

Struggling with infertility when trying to grow your family can be a long and difficult journey. Many women struggle with infertility. Fortunately, there are other avenues that those facing infertility can pursue to start or grow their families. Whether you…

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Am I Ready To Move From Infertility Treatments To Surrogacy?

Infertility can be a difficult experience for couples, which unfortunately, can also be very common among couples. Many Intended Parents often spend years and a large amount of money on infertility treatments with no success. Many choose to go this…

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Will I Make A Great Surrogate?

Are you considering becoming a Surrogate? Surrogacy is a great way to give a deserving couple or individual the gift of starting or growing their family. The first question that comes to many women’s mind when considering becoming a Surrogate…

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Connecting Surrogates And Intended Parents: How Does It Work?

Many people ask us how we connect Surrogates and Intended Parents. This step in the surrogacy process is extremely important, as having a good relationship between both parties is crucial to the success of the journey. This blog will outline…

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My Surrogate Has Gestational Diabetes, What Does That Mean?

We often hear from Intended Parents that they are worried about their Surrogate having gestational diabetes. That’s why we chose to answer some of our most frequently asked questions about gestational diabetes and what it means if your Surrogate has…

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