Intended Parents: Why Choose Simple Surrogacy as your Surrogacy Agency

More and more people are opting to use Surrogacy to grow or start their family. This means that more and more surrogacy agencies are opening their doors. It is important to know what a surrogacy agency can offer you and…

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Parenting with Disabilities: What You Can Do to Help You Focus on the Joy of a Newborn

Bringing a precious life into the world can be one of our proudest moments. Of course, a new arrival comes with challenges, but they can be just as rewarding as the joy. When one has a disability, however, there are…

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IVF for Egg Donors: What is it Like?

For any Egg Donor, IVF is an unavoidable necessity. The process itself sounds simple enough: once an Egg Donor’s health and viability are established, the doctor will set her on a hormone injection schedule. This schedule can last anywhere from…

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How To Show Your Surrogate Gratitude

If you’re an Intended Parent or looking to become one, you will quickly come to understand how important your Surrogate will be to you. Not only are they going to quickly become a huge part of your life, but they…

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Surrogates: What to Expect Following Delivery

When deciding to become a Surrogate and embarking on your Surrogate journey, you are helping make a couple’s dream of parenthood become a reality. The entire surrogacy process is exciting and joyful—especially as you’re sharing the experience with the excited…

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