Things to Think About Before Becoming a Surrogate

If you have thought about becoming a surrogate and giving the gift of life to those for whom it might not be available otherwise, good for you! There are many things that you must consider, however, before committing to the…

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Navigating the Intended Parent and Surrogate Relationship

The relationship between the intended parents and their surrogate is like no other. As with any collaborative partnership, certain elements contribute to its success, including defining expectations, creating boundaries, establishing mutual trust, maintaining open communication, and finally, being flexible. Making…

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Realize Your Dream with Single Father Surrogacy

Parenthood is truly a blessing and a double treat for those who may have achieved it exactly as they had planned. However, many aspiring parents are unable to have children biologically due to various reasons. This is where surrogacy helps…

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Becoming a Surrogate Mother: What You Need to Know

The wonders of science and medicine have made it possible for couples and singles to become parents using a surrogate. Being a surrogate for intended parents is one of the greatest gifts you can give. As a parent yourself, you…

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Insurance for Gestational Surrogacy

Most intended parents are surprised to hear about the wide range of possible costs for gestational surrogacy. One of the most variable and hard to understand parts of the surrogacy journey cost is the Insurance portion. Intended Parents begin to…

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