Congratulations! You’re the Parents of a Newborn! Now What?

Your journey of becoming parents has come to a wonderful conclusion. You’ve been on quite the emotional journey working with your surrogacy agency to become parents of your own baby. You’ve supported your surrogate mother through each of the stages…

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I'm ready to become an egg donor (How you knew)

Making the decision to donate anything, even blood, can be a big step for some people. Donations of this nature are giving the gift of life and mean so much to those who receive them. Being an egg donor takes…

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How Much Does Egg Donation Cost and How Much Are Egg Donors Paid?

Many surrogacy agencies that also offer egg donation services aren’t exactly upfront about how much these services cost. Most people know that the process is expensive, but they don’t know much about what is being paid for or what benefits…

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How To Become an Egg Donor

  Egg donation is an invaluable asset to intended parents who would like to start a family but are hindered by medical illness or infertility. Those who choose to help others through egg donation are extremely generous and selfless individuals.…

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Egg Donor Benefits at Simple Surrogacy

Any part of pregnancy is a big decision, including egg donation. The donation process means that there’s no pregnancy involved for the donor but there’s a lot to consider beforehand. Qualifications, health of family history, and potential lifestyle changes, are…

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