Giving Another Family the Gift Of Life When They Can’t Have Children

If you have a desire to help another family have a child, then consider becoming a surrogate. You will carry the baby for the other family. When the baby is delivered, the child is given to the family. This is…

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Requirements You Need to Meet in Order to Become a Surrogate Mother

  You can greatly benefit by being a surrogate mother. However, it is important for you to make sure that you meet all the requirements. Here are several qualifications you will need to become a surrogate. Meet the Age Requirement…

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Surrogacy Agencies: What You Need to Know

  Whether you have chosen to or are thinking about using surrogacy as a method to grow your family or are a surrogate who wants to give the ultimate gift of life to a deserving family, you need to know…

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Single Fathers and Surrogacy

As surrogacy grows as a method of assisted reproduction, many people who were unable to have biological children of their own, have turned to it. Among those individuals are single fathers. Growing their families through the process of surrogacy allows…

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Top 5 Things to Know About Surrogate Mother Costs

Surrogacy is an incredible experience that helps deserving intended parents to grow their families. However, many people who are considering surrogacy have well-placed concerns about its cost. To help clear up some of these concerns, here are some important things…

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