IVF Failure: What It Is and What To Do

IVF, as with all things in the world of alternative family planning, is a deeply personal experience. IVF failure – or, what happens when an embryo fails to implant in the lining of the uterus after an IVF cycle –…

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Simple Surrogacy: Keeping Egg Donation Simple

Alternative family planning comes in many forms, and sometimes our Intended Parents require the service of an Egg Donor. It’s our general policy to keep things as simple as possible, and egg donation is no exception; we pride ourselves on…

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How Surrogacy Agencies Help Intended Parents by Eran Amir of GoStork

Guest Article for Simple Surrogacy I always knew I wanted to be a father - but a few years ago when I took the first steps in my journey, I had no idea how to navigate the fertility landscape. I just knew…

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What NOT to Say to a Woman Expecting a Child Through Surrogacy

There are a lot of misconceptions and outright falsehoods floating around about surrogacy, and non-traditional reproductive options in general. As a result, Donors, Surrogates and Intended Parents alike, move through a world that is shrouded in a certain amount of…

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Surrogates: What to Expect Once You Go Into Labor

As an approved and selected Surrogate, you have been through the childbirth process before. You may, however, be wondering what the process will be like as a Surrogate. Many aspects of giving birth will be the same, but it is…

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