Surrogates: What To Expect After Delivery

So you have decided to embark on a journey that will create memories of a lifetime. You have made the final decision, after heavy research and a longing to do it, to help another family in a way that takes…

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Understanding Surrogate Pay and Compensation

You may know someone who is interested in surrogacy, or you yourself may be thinking about becoming a Surrogate. Either way, it is completely normal to feel curious about the payment involved with being a Surrogate. This blog will help…

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Breastfeeding and Surrogacy: What Are My Options?

Oftentimes when we think of surrogacy, we assume that the option for a surrogate baby to breastfeed is out of the question – a very understandable yet false assumption. Breastfeeding is, in actuality, not out of the question. In fact,…

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Does Egg Donation Impact Future Fertility?

Sometimes when we are making an important decision, we may intuitively know the right choice but a plethora of thoughts flood our minds, making us second guess ourselves. Donating eggs is one of those important decisions, and given the large…

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What To Expect: Common Questions People Ask Surrogates and How To Respond

‘What is surrogacy?’ ‘What made you decide to do this?’ ‘Are you sure this is something you want to do?’  Oh, the many questions we must prepare ourselves for once we let the cat out the bag. While surrogacy is…

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