Sharing and Documenting your Surrogacy Journey

Being a surrogate for intended parents is one of the most caring and loving gifts you can give someone. For couples not able to have their own children, surrogacy is an amazing journey that allows them to have their own…

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What to Look For in Intended Parents

If you are considering becoming a surrogate mother, congratulations -- you are about to embark on a wonderful journey with your chosen intended parents! You will be giving them the gift of life. As a surrogate mother, you ultimately have…

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Gifts for the Intended Parents from Surrogate

As a surrogate, your relationship with the intended parents is unique and special. You’re carrying their baby, caring for their little bundle of joy until birth when they can start their own lives together. Many surrogates want to give their…

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Surrogate Relationship with Intended Parent After Birth

After the beautiful and emotionally intimate experience of surrogacy, there is the lingering question of what the relationship between surrogates and intended parents will be following the birth of the child. Post-delivery, there is no longer a “need” for contact…

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Medications Taken While Being a Surrogate

While there are a number of prenatal vitamins and other medications that are commonly prescribed during pregnancy, every pregnancy is not treated the same. As surrogacy is a complex medical process designed to allow infertile or same-sex couples to conceive,…

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