Egg Donation: A Brief History

For the past few decades, egg donation has been an increasingly common method of alternative family planning for couples who struggle to conceive naturally, as well as gay couples looking to have children. But where did this technique come from?…

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Surrogacy in the Media vs. Real Life

Surrogacy is still pretty taboo in most parts of society, but we’ve been seeing it leak into the mainstream media more often over the past few years. Think Kim Kardashian-- her choice to conceive both her third and fourth children…

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An Intended Parent’s Comprehensive Gift Guide to Surrogacy

Embarking on the journey of parenthood is exciting no matter what your circumstances are, but for those seeking alternative family planning methods like surrogacy and egg donation, there is a whole extra layer of excitement to consider – and that…

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Explaining Surrogacy to Your Little Ones

When a woman decides to become a Surrogate, she is deciding to give a truly awe-inspiring and life-changing gift to another family – but seeing how it’s a requirement to have given birth prior to becoming a Surrogate, anyone doing…

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Pride Month: The Path to Parenthood as an LGBTQIA+ Couple or Individual

This Pride Month we’re highlighting the path to parenthood for LGBTQIA+ couples or individuals who choose surrogacy. Becoming a parent is a joyful experience, regardless if it is achieved outside of traditional methods, and Simple Surrogacy is here to help…

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