How is a Surrogate Pregnancy Different from a Natural Pregnancy?

If you have been investigating becoming a surrogate mother, you likely have many questions. Many women who are considering becoming surrogate mothers wonder if a surrogate pregnancy is different from a natural pregnancy. There are significant similarities and differences between the two types of pregnancies.

Reasons for Surrogacy

Before comparing natural pregnancy and surrogate pregnancy, let’s explore some of the reasons why intended parents might decide to turn to surrogacy to fulfill their dreams of having a family. Women involved in heterosexual or homosexual relationships might have infertility problems and therefore not be able to get pregnant. Some women might have had hysterectomies due to medical problems. Others might have experienced multiple miscarriages or have been told by their physician that pregnancy could harm their health or life.
Gay men who are seeking a family often turn to surrogacy to achieve their dreams. Likewise, single intended parents of both genders might decide upon surrogacy for various reasons. Simple Surrogacy exists to fulfill the dreams of these, and many more, intended parents who wish to have families of their own. You, as a potential pregnant surrogate, can help them as well.

Similarities Between Natural Pregnancy and Surrogate Pregnancy

Prospective pregnant surrogate mothers at Simple Surrogacy have already had at least one successful pregnancy of their own. Therefore, they already know what to expect when pregnant. Pregnant surrogates will find that there are many similarities between the two types of pregnancies. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Surrogate pregnancies are just as safe, if not safer, as natural pregnancies. This is because Simple Surrogacy requires potential pregnant surrogates to meet physical and psychological requirements prior to pregnancy, ensuring that they will be able to withstand a surrogate pregnancy.
  • Medical monitoring. Surrogate pregnancies are monitored medically, just like natural pregnancies. In fact, as a pregnant surrogate, you might experience more medical monitoring than you did during your natural pregnancy.

Differences Between Natural Pregnancy and Surrogate Pregnancy

Differences also exist between surrogate pregnancies and natural pregnancies. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Pregnant surrogates must take medications that they probably didn’t take  during their natural pregnancies. These are necessary to prepare the surrogate’s body to successfully receive an embryo, as well as to maintain and sustain the pregnancy.
  • Many women who become “naturally” pregnant aren’t even aware when the moment of conception has occurred. A pregnant surrogate, on the other hand, will know almost immediately, or soon after an embryo has been transferred to her womb. Therefore, she might experience more early pregnancy symptoms than she did during her natural pregnancy.
  • There are usually more people in the delivery room in a surrogate pregnancy than in a natural pregnancy. A pregnant surrogate will have her own support person/people present. The intended parents, and sometimes their families, are also in the delivery room when their baby is born.
  • No need to prepare for baby. Pregnant surrogates need not worry about the child after its birth and can focus on their own medical recovery. They also do not need to prepare for the birth of the child as they did in a natural pregnancy, as the child will not be going home with the surrogate mother. No thinking of baby names, buying diapers or baby supplies is required. Pregnant surrogates can just enjoy being pregnant and helping others!

If you would like to learn the requirements and explore the possibility of becoming a surrogate mother, contact Simple Surrogacy today!

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