Making the Dream of Parenthood a Reality with Egg Donation

Egg donation has become extremely popular in recent years—resulting in thousands of pregnancies worldwide. With many couples delaying having children in order to advance their careers while creating financial stability, egg donation and the use of donor eggs have become…

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The Egg Donation Process for Intended Parents

We know that making the decision to pursue egg donation as a method of starting your family is not an easy decision to make. Thank you for selecting Simple Surrogacy to help you along your journey. This blog will look…

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Questions Every Surrogate Wants The Answers To

Becoming a Surrogate is the most selfless gift that any woman could give another couple or individual. The process is very intimate and challenging though, so many potential Surrogates have several questions before beginning the process. That’s why we created…

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IVF Failure: What It Is and What To Do

IVF, as with all things in the world of alternative family planning, is a deeply personal experience. IVF failure – or, what happens when an embryo fails to implant in the lining of the uterus after an IVF cycle –…

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Simple Surrogacy: Keeping Egg Donation Simple

Alternative family planning comes in many forms, and sometimes our Intended Parents require the service of an Egg Donor. It’s our general policy to keep things as simple as possible, and egg donation is no exception; we pride ourselves on…

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