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Why should you choose Surrogacy in the United States?

The advantage to Surrogacy in the United States is that most of our States have laws supporting gestational surrogacy arrangements. These laws will help to assure our clients that they will have no problem obtaining the parental rights to their child. No appeals court in any state has ever given custody to a gestational carrier. In the United States, you will also find many available surrogates, who have the advantage of the acceptance of our society.

Surrogacy is prohibited or restricted in many European countries such as France, the UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden, so many Europeans turn to the USA, and Surrogacy agencies there, to complete their families through surrogacy and egg donation.

Choosing the United States for your surrogacy journey is fairly simple. You will need to visit the United States usually 3-4 times, including for initial screening at your clinic, to meet your surrogate (typically a combined visit),  for the 20-week ultrasound where you can learn gender, and at the birth. Most of our International couples stay in the United states for 2-3 weeks following the birth of their children, while we assist them in obtaining their child’s birth certificate, and their child’s U.S. passport for International travel.

To facilitate International matches, Simple Surrogacy offers our clients the services of our translator for a small additional charge. Our translator is fluent in many languages; including French, Italian and SpanishHebrewKoreanJapanese and many more, and can assist in helping our International clients utilize our services. We can arrange to have our translator present on your consultation phone call any time you are available. Please contact us to inquire about costs for the translation services.
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