Can You Be A Surrogate While Single?

One of the requirements for becoming a surrogate is to be done with your own family, which means that many people are married or in long-term relationships when they become surrogates. One of our requirements for surrogacy is not, however,…

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The Different Types of Surrogacy Relationships

Boundaries are essential to establish between Intended Parents and Surrogates going through the surrogacy journey. Their relationship boundaries often include the level of communication and the intended post-birth relationship between the parties. This is a significant reason to enlist an…

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Can I Travel As A Surrogate?

Travel is a hot topic when setting your surrogacy contract up. You may have vacations, family reunions, and other events planned. However, not all Intended Parents are okay with their surrogate traveling while pregnant with their child, and there also…

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How Does a Surrogate Get Paid?

Compensation for surrogacy is confusing and can be intimidating when starting on your first journey, but in reality, it is very straightforward! Surrogates are compensated a base fee, which is paid out throughout the pregnancy and is independent of any…

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How to Choose a Fertility Clinic

With the many steps of the IVF journey - from egg donation and retrieval to sperm donation - choosing a good and respected fertility clinic should be at the top of any Intended Parent’s mind. Fertility professionals help your surrogate…

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