What is the Texas Advantage?

The United States has some of the most progressive laws and regulations surrounding surrogacy. While things like IVF and Alternate Reproductive Technology methods are protected on a federal level, specific laws surrounding surrogacy agreements and the process are mandated on…

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What Does an Agency Do?

What kind of Journey do I want, Independent or Agency managed? That question is asked by almost every Intended Parent and surrogate as they start a surrogacy journey. While both options are good choices depending on what each party is…

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Why Talking About Surrogacy Matters

Surrogacy is a process many people do not understand - It has been greatly misrepresented in the media, rumors have been spread globally, and politicians use divisive language to pander to their base about its morality. Anyone who has been…

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Why Simple Surrogacy?

When looking for an agency, there are many things to consider. Your agency will connect you with intended parents, take care of a lot of paperwork, refer you to a lawyer, and otherwise make sure your scheduling goes smoothly. Those…

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What is Surrogacy?

Alternate Family Planning is a term used to describe any method of expanding your family that does not involve traditional unassisted pregnancy. IVF, adoption, and surrogacy all fall under this umbrella. While adoption and IVF are commonly accepted practices by…

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