Choosing the Best Egg Donation Agency: 10 Questions to Ask


Becoming an egg donor is a highly personal decision. Your body’s health, individual comfort, and personal motivations for making this choice are all unique to you and your story. Perhaps you have loved ones that have struggled with fertility issues in the past, for example, and you feel called to help families in similar positions. No matter what drew you to this day, finding the right egg donation agency is the most important decision of the process for your health and comfort.

Egg donation is a safe and intricately managed procedure, and the top egg donation agencies will understand that you may have questions from start to finish. An experienced, established agency can explain the details of the donation screening process, compensation and reimbursement for expenses, legal arrangements and all medical-related concerns.

Check out a few questions to ask your potential agency before choosing the right representation for you:

  1. How much exposure do donors get to Prospective Parents?
    Your Egg Donation Agency should be advertising, and should have unlimited, free access for all Intended Parents to get your profile the best exposure to potential matches.
  2. Which services do you provide for the Donor?
    Egg donation goes far beyond the medical procedure itself. Agencies should also provide details regarding their medical network and any associated legal and fertility organizations that will help ease your process. Full-service agencies have everything in place to keep you informed and supported, including support for travel, speaking with a legal team and of course, a medical team to help you through the pre- and post-egg donation stages. Ideally, your support team will be made up of former egg donors, like Simple Surrogacy’s, to ensure we understand the process.
  3. What does your application process entail?
    Before deciding on an egg donation agency, you’ll want to peruse their requirements to ensure you qualify as a donor. These often include age ranges, questions about your health history, knowledge of your genetic background and a list of confirmations that you understand the egg donation process. Your eligibility is an important conversation whether you’re positive about going forward or not. Your agency point person should be warmly attentive throughout your decision process to make you feel fully informed and supportive in this decision.
  4. How do you match donors with families?
    Inquire about the matching process once donors become qualified. What is the common timing from start to finish? How does their network encourage an organic process of matching donors and families?You’ll want to make sure they work openly with parents and donors alike, without restrictions on discriminations due to gender, age, sexual preference, race or religion. Ask about the state and federal regulations around helping LGBTQ families match with donors as well.
  5. Am I advised on my legal rights?
    Agencies should provide free-of-cost legal assistance before the process begins. This will help you determine which level of donation is right for your lifestyle—from an anonymous, semi-open or open donation. Each level has detailed legal arrangements to help connect the right family dynamic for both parties. While one side of the spectrum completely closes communication from conception, an open donation means that parents and donors can stay in touch indefinitely. The legal team should help both guide your decision process while respecting your choices.If you choose to be an anonymous donor, ask how long your agency holds onto records in their system.
  6. What is your compensation structure?
    Discuss compensation details right in the first consultation. Respect for the donor’s time, effort and financial comfort should be a concern of both the donor the prospective parents. The support given to the donor financially and psychologically reflects the energy of the agency. Ask for both a clear breakdown of compensation for first-time and returning donors as well as reimbursement for travel, taking off of work or any related medical expenses during or in a period of time after the donation.Also, be sure to inquire about the timing of payments—this process should not become a financial burden for you at any time during the experience.
  7. What can I expect from the procedure and injections?
    The entire donation process may feel like a complete mystery in the beginning. During your initial talk, an egg donation consultant should be able to quell any anxieties about the process while equally offering transparency about any risks of medical complications. Ask about potential injections, the egg extraction procedure and any post-procedure healing time.There is no question that this is a selfless decision and is one-hundred-percent up to the women making the right decision for her own body. Your health is a top priority, and it’s always best to err on the side of over inquisitive when it comes to medical-related question.
  8. Can I bring a support person for my travel and procedure?
    Bringing along a supportive companion is both reasonable and wise, and your agency should support this. Ask whether your companion is financially covered when joining you for out-of-town travel.
  9. Should I expect any lifestyle changes during the process?
    Certain requirements—such as holding off on intercourse for a set period of time—are often asked of the donor to avoid the risk of getting pregnant. Be sure to ask about the timing of injections, oral medications and any side effects that might alter your relationship with your job and everyday life. Again, complete transparency is a sign that the agency understands and respect this large decision.
  10. How will we stay in contact after egg retrieval?
    Discuss how the agency and their related medical organizations provide you with support after the donation process. Is there a specific timeframe in the contract? Agencies should be available to answer medical and logistical questions for a set period of time after the full experience. Some donors return to donate multiple times and build trusted relationships with agencies throughout several years.


Most importantly, take your time with your decision. This, above all, should be an informed choice that is right for your body, future and level of comfort. Asking the right questions and expecting complete support from your egg donation agency is crucial to a smooth process. Simple Donations understands that one-to-one conversation adds the personal element to your process necessary for such a successful experience. Contact a member of the team to begin discussing your unique options and egg donation journey.



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