How Long is the Egg Donation Process?


To understand the length of the egg donation process, you must first understand the procedure required to donate your eggs. The following information may help you prepare ahead of time for the commitment.

The Application Stage

The first step, of course, is the application to become an egg donor. There are stringent requirements that must be met, such as being healthy and having a healthy lifestyle and known family background. First, you will complete a profile online. It’s easy to complete the profile, and you can log in and complete it in small sections or all at once, easily from your phone or computer. Once your profile is reviewed and accepted, then it become available to be seen by Intended Parents who might choose you. Once you are chosen, we will email you to check on your schedule and availability to donate, so don’t forget to keep your email address updated!

Once you are selected, then we will send you to the Parent’s IVF clinic for screening. This is usually one appointment where they will run medical and lab tests to make sure you are healthy and an excellent candidate for egg donation. Of course, all of your expenses for this visit will be covered, including lost wages if you take the day off, or childcare, and travel costs if any.

After the medical screening, you will also have psychological screening and genetic counseling. After all of your screening is completed, you will be cleared to begin the legal contracts and you are well onto your way to being an egg donor!

The Cycle of Egg Donation

Once your legal contracts are completed and you have you r review with your attorney (at the Parent’s expenses) then the cycle will be scheduled at the clinic.

There is a strict timeline that will need to be followed when your egg donation cycle begins. It’s important you understand the commitment to being on time and keeping all appointments. On the third day following your period, you will begin taking oral contraceptives. After a short period of time, you go to the clinic or monitoring clinic for an appointment to check your blood and have an ultrasound. If everything is in order, you will begin giving yourself small injections daily, and your start of medication fee of $750 will be paid to you. You will give yourself the same small injection every day for nine to twelve days. You will also need to come into the clinic to be carefully monitored in order to ensure your ovaries are responding. When instructed by the doctor at the clinic, you will receive an HCG trigger shot. After that injection, your egg retrieval appointment will be within 34-36 hours following this last injection. Following your retrieval, you will complete an expense form for your expenses and be paid your donor compensation.

The entire medical egg donation process will take just over one month. During that time, you can expect a minimum of ten appointments that you will need to attend. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that every donor is unique, so this timeline may be adjusted depending on your body’s unique needs. This is a commitment, but the reward of helping another couple experience the joy of parenthood makes it well worth it.

If you’re ready to get started, contact us to guide you through the process by calling 1-866-41-SURRO. We look forward to working with you on your journey to egg donation.

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