Egg Freezing endorsed by Apple, Facebook

As more women delay their childbearing, typically at their own expense, it is gratifying for companies to realize that offering advanced fertility options to their employees. So often in our business, we see women who have had high-powered careers wake…

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Considering Surrogacy and Egg Donation: An Option For Life

Deciding to be a surrogate mother or egg donor requires a great amount of thought, emotion, and energy.  An egg donor essentially gives her biological egg and DNA. The surrogate mother who receives the transfer of a fertilized egg (in…

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Protests in France for Same Sex Surrogacy

As Great Strides are made in the United States toward equal marriage rights for all, it is saddening to see so many speak out in France against Same Sex surrogacy rights and marriage rights. Clients of ours from France, just…

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Affordable Financing Options now available

Simple Surrogacy Announces Partnership with American HealthCare Lending for Fertility Financing To ensure all soon-to-be parents are able to bridge the affordability gap on all fertility and reproductive treatments and the costs of the surrogacy process, Simple Surrogacy has partnered…

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Free Surrogacy Seminar in the UK

Simple Surrogacy and Simple Donations invite you to attend two seminars on surrogacy and egg donation for couples and singles who are interested in more information on becoming parents through surrogacy in the United States. Simple Surrogacy has had the…

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