Thank you, New York!

Simple Surrogacy had a great time at the Family Building Expo in New York. It was a pleasure to meet so many of our clients again and see how big their babies have grown. We also enjoyed meeting so many…

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International Surrogacy again an issue for unfortunate couple

U.S. couple stuck in Mexico due to surrogacy snafu By Rafael Romo, Senior Latin American Affairs Editor (CNN)An American couple who say they have been stuck in Mexico for weeks because officials there won't provide a birth certificate for their…

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Surrogacy in Texas under the Law

What Do You Need to Know Surrogacy in Texas Texas Law The State of Texas has codified a statute that protects certain surrogacy arrangements. Pursuant to Chapter 160 of the Texas Family Code, a gestational surrogacy arrangement meets the requirements…

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ONE WOMAN’S SURROGATE JOURNEY Rene and her three children. - Hoping for a successful surrogate pregnancy and safe delivery. Rene (26) and Mark (30) had had three healthy pregnancies and delivered three healthy babies, and though they felt happy and blessed,…

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Legal Issues about Delivery for Gay Fathers in Texas

Many Intended Fathers who are matched in Texas through our agency have come across the story below and become worried and concerned about their legal rights to their children after delivery in Texas. We wanted to address their concerns.…

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