Egg Donation: How you can help with infertility

Many young girls dream about being a mother. They carry their baby dolls around from a young age, strapping them into play strollers and moving a toy high chair next to their own seat at the dinner table. After months…

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Egg Donation: What Sets Our Process Apart?

  Why Consider Egg Donation? The decision to become an egg donor is one that should be considered with the utmost care. From its ability to provide families with the means through which they may realize their dreams of parenthood,…

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Zika Virus Explained

Zika Virus has, understandably, become a growing concern for families worldwide. The Olympic Games happening in Rio this summer is bringing a lot of attention to the frightening virus, with news outlets reporting fears for athletes, reporters, and tourists alike…

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Two of our Dads speak about Gay Surrogacy at MHB Dallas

We were proud to attend Men Having Babies Dallas this past weekend, where two different sets of our Fathers were asked to speak about their experiences. Here are Michael and Shawn Weston, who had twins through our program three years…

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International Surrogacy – Your Dwindling Options

International Surrogacy- The dwindling options for surrogacy abroad Gordon Lake and Manuel Valero battled a local Thai surrogate for custody over their infant daughter. (Getty) By Danielle Preiss and Pragati Shahi For the Australian couple Stephen and Michael, having kids involved…

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