Congratulations to Israeli Same-Sex Couples

The Amendment in Israel that had proposed letting same-sex couples participate under Israel's surrogacy law has passed. To Same-Sex couples, the law now applies just as it previously did to married couples. Singles are now also included under the new…

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Surrogacy Bill Introduced in Louisana, again

Governor Bobby Jindal has not decided what to do yet about the surrogacy bill that was Introduced into the Legislature yet again. Louisiana lags behind its neighboring states where Surrogacy laws are concerned, as both Texas and Florida and other…

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New York Surrogacy Bill in the works

Very Exciting news that a bill is being introduced to allow surrogacy to be legal in New York State. What a wonderful circumstance that would be for all of the many Gay men and other families  seeking to create a…

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Melissa Harris-Perry Reveals The Surrogacy Journey She Took For Her New Daughter

Yet another heartwarming piece on the blessings of surrogacy and how we are all working as a village to bring these precious, cherished new lives into the world. My favorite line in this piece is how her surrogate is "now…

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Baby born through surrogacy four months after mother’s death.

What an amazing miracle, and a gift of true love. This is a very sad but also very loving story, a woman's best friend carried her baby due to her having cancer, and that baby was born 4 months after…

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