Questions to Ask Your Intended Parents

So you've signed up to be a surrogate, been approved, and are now matching with intended parents! Fantastic, the process has begun. But you're experiencing a new problem: what do you ask them?  With Simple Surrogacy, we make sure our…

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Traditional vs. Gestational Surrogacy – What does it mean?

Surrogacy has a long history, and as science has evolved we have developed new ways to bring life into the world that can help surrogates and intended parents in the process. Laws regulating both forms of surrogate journeys are strict…

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Can You Get Parental Leave When Having A Child By Surrogate?

Those first few months with your child are so important. You get to know them, see many of their firsts, and have the chance to bond with your new addition. In the past, Parental Leave has not always been forgiving…

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Approaching Your Relationship With Your Surrogate

The bond between an intended parents and surrogates is truly unique. Depending on how comfortable you and your surrogate are, this bond can be extremely involved and close, or business-like with a determined end date. With an agency like Simple…

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Traveling While Pregnant

We all have dreams of throwing pennies into the Trevi Fountain in Rome, or drinking out of a coconut on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii while being hand fed cheese and grapes…. Or maybe that's just us. When you…

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