Why Simple Surrogacy?

When looking for an agency, there are many things to consider. Your agency will connect you with intended parents, take care of a lot of paperwork, refer you to a lawyer, and otherwise make sure your scheduling goes smoothly.

Those factors being handled adequately and with the surrogate’s best interest in mind is something that gives a lot of potential surrogates pause. To ensure that surrogates are treated fairly and with respect, there are countless groups reviewing surrogacy agencies and their treatment of surrogates.

Here’s a quick guide on why surrogates should choose Simple Surrogacy as their agency:


Expertise Through Experience

The Simple Surrogacy staff is well versed in all stages of the surrogacy journey – from professional and personal experience. This organization is female-led and founded, and employs a significant number of staff members that have been surrogates or egg donors in the past.

In fact, our founding members and owners are all egg donors and surrogates that have completed multiple journeys. With this being the cornerstone that we are founded on, it’s easy to see that any surrogates’ concerns can be met with a level of understanding from being in their position.


Everyone Gets a Representative

At other agencies, most “matches” get a representative that communicates with both the surrogates and the intended parents at the same time, trying to keep both of their best interests at heart. This is not the case at Simple Surrogacy. We know that sometimes it can be difficult to equally balance interests, so each person at our agency gets their own representative whose duty it is to make sure that their client, surrogate or Intended Parent,  is comfortable and happy.


Highest Compensation Rate

Simple Surrogacy boasts the highest base compensation rate for surrogates in the United States. First-time surrogates are eligible for $50K base starting pay, not including healthy eating compensation, travel costs, transfer and start of medication fees, monthly allowances or maternity clothing and other things that may be included as extra fees and compensation in the contract. We also pay the highest twins fee in the country, at $15K for each additional child carried.

We believe that surrogates should be compensated well for what is essentially a full time job for them. We also assure that salary and escrow is not held internally, due to the conflict of interest involved.


We Care About YOU

Simple Surrogacy is committed to bringing children into the world through surrogacy, and helping everyone have a positive experience throughout the process. We care about each person’s comfort and care during the surrogacy process and run a transparent organization for that reason.


If you would like to become a surrogate or intended parent with us, please reach out here.

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