How Many Times Can I Be A Surrogate?

Surrogacy has been described as addicting. Gestational carriers get to make a family whole, while growing their extended family through this bond, a feeling unlike any other relationship in the world. For this reason, many surrogates find themselves at the end of their first journey wondering, “How many times can I do this?”


How Many Times Can I Be A Surrogate?

For the safety and health of everyone involved in the journey, there are many guidelines that medical professionals set when determining someone’s eligibility for surrogacy. Certain risk factors, including a surrogate’s BMI, age, delivery method, or pre-existing conditions are taken into account. Likewise, the number of times a potential surrogate has already been pregnant is also considered during the decision making process. 

In order to carry a surrogate child, medical professionals recommend that you have no more than 5 previous pregnancies. Likewise, after the pregnancy that would be the surrogate’s sixth birth, many women will no longer be cleared to be a surrogate again.


Can I Help The Same Family Twice?

Yes! Sibling stories are common in surrogacy. Oftentimes, a surrogate will want to help the same family have another child and pursue another journey with them. In this case, the agency will skip the matching part of the process, as both parties will already know who they want to go through the process with.

Despite not having to go through a formal match process, a medical exam and proper testing will still be required prior to the beginning of the journey. 


What If I Want To Have More Kids?

Surrogacy agencies always recommend that you be finished growing your family before helping other families grow theirs. There are certain risks involved with pregnancy that do not guarantee a woman will be able to carry a child again. This may limit the amount of surrogacy experiences a person can have, however, making sure that the process doesn’t leave someone with a bad taste in their mouths or change their lives negatively is our primary concern.


There are many reasons that a surrogate has a limited number of journeys before they are no longer cleared, most of which are is rooted in advice from medical professionals. To ensure the safety of the gestational carrier and the baby, please follow the advice of agencies and clinics in this case.

If you are interested in becoming a gestational surrogate, please reach out to us here.

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