Becoming a Surrogate: The Physical Requirements

Becoming a surrogate is a decision which should be considered with the utmost care. The benefits are substantial, ranging from the joy that comes with the knowledge you have helped another couple and/or individual fulfill their familial dreams to the…

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What to Expect as a Single Father

Being a parent is nothing less than a full-time job. Being a single parent is even more demanding, and it can be difficult raising a child without the support of a partner. It’s common to hear about single moms and…

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Gay Surrogacy – Simple Surrogacy

In today’s day and age, many more gay and lesbian couples are deciding to have children through surrogacy and egg donation, making gay surrogacy one of the more often-used options offered by Simple Surrogacy. At Simple Surrogacy, our mission is…

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We Offer the Highest Standards for Surrogacy at an Affordable Price

Founded in 2002, Simple Surrogacy was formed on one simple principle: to provide their clients with the highest standard of care in the surrogacy and egg donation industry at an affordable price. For those individuals and couples who wish to…

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How to Talk About Surrogacy With Your Family

Choosing to become a surrogate is a huge decision. It takes time to decide you are comfortable with the idea of being a surrogate individually, let alone introducing the idea to your family members and close friends. This discussion for…

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