We're looking forward to good news in June!

Hopefully in June we can all celebrate equality and family for everyone!   GAY MARRIAGE: HIGH COURT SETS STAGE FOR HISTORIC RULING BY MARK SHERMAN ASSOCIATED PRESS AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite Attorney General Eric Holder said the Obama administration would urge…

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A Positive Spin on Surrogacy — Finally!

There have been so many negative stories in the press about Surrogacy that it is nice to hear how wonderfully it can change a life, more than one life. We see far more happiness and peace come from Surrogacy than…

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Is International Surrogacy really Cheaper?

Atlantic Monthly recently published an interesting article detailing the Hidden costs of International Surrogacy in countries such as India and Thailand, and exploring the hidden costs that are involved in having a Surrogacy in those countries. They came to the…

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Egg Donation Creates Unique Opportunities

Egg Donation Creates Unique Opportunities As egg donation continues to provide an important option for intended parents to start a family, the success of the egg donor procedure is also an evolving industry. There is no doubt as to the…

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The Single Man and Simple Surrogacy

The Single Man and Simple Surrogacy By Single men who want to have a family are now becoming fathers on their own through surrogacy. As an alternative to adoption, surrogacy and egg donation allows individuals to pass on their…

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