Naming Your Baby in 2022

Maybe you’ve always known what you would name your baby since you first started envisioning your future family and the name-choosing process is the easiest part; but perhaps, for others, deciding on a name for your baby is one of…

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Surrogacy and Moving – Accomplish Both at the Same Time

Expecting a Surrogate baby can be an exciting time for expecting Intended Parents. With a miracle on the way, you might find yourself in a situation of wanting to move into a new house before the baby arrives. Below are…

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Egg Donor Selection Made Simple

For new Intended Parents, the procedure for how to go about selecting your Egg Donor can seem daunting. While most agencies have developed a system that attempts to simplify things as much as possible for their clients, we here at…

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Pride Month: The Path to Parenthood as an LGBTQIA+ Couple or Individual

This Pride Month we’re highlighting the path to parenthood for LGBTQIA+ couples or individuals who choose surrogacy. Becoming a parent is a joyful experience, regardless if it is achieved outside of traditional methods, and Simple Surrogacy is here to help…

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Top 3 Reasons To Use Surrogacy In Texas

One of the first decisions that Intended Parents must make is where they will begin their surrogacy journey. Many Intended Parents browse through several surrogacy companies and weigh their options. One thing that does not often come to mind in…

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