Which States Are Surrogacy Friendly?

The United States is one of the most progressive countries for surrogacy. Due to the laws surrounding Alternate Family Planning, IVF, and court cases setting a precedent of parental rights, it is by and large one of the easiest places…

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How Many Times Can I Be A Surrogate?

Surrogacy has been described as addicting. Gestational carriers get to make a family whole, while growing their extended family through this bond, a feeling unlike any other relationship in the world. For this reason, many surrogates find themselves at the…

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How the Surrogacy Journey Can Change You

There are many effects of surrogacy that are clear from the beginning of the process. Someone decides to make one of the most selfless choices in the world and help a family grow, becomes pregnant, and then a new child…

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Why Is Surrogacy Affected By Roe V. Wade?

On May 2nd, 2022, a draft Supreme Court opinion was leaked, and then on June 24, 2022 it was released. The unprecedented leak gave insight into the future of Roe v. Wade, the groundbreaking 1973 decision that established abortion and…

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Why More Lesbians Are Considering Becoming a Surrogate

There are many factors that should be considered when choosing to start a family through surrogacy. Some of the immediate points include the costs associated with the process, understanding the family dynamics that come with surrogacy, and utilizing your resources,…

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