Realize Your Dream with Single Father Surrogacy

Parenthood is truly a blessing and a double treat for those who may have achieved it exactly as they had planned.

However, many aspiring parents are unable to have children biologically due to various reasons. This is where surrogacy helps them to realize their dreams.

Whether you are single, widow, or someone who wants to start a family without a spouse, you can be a father with Simple Surrogacy, a surrogacy agency in Texas.

Surrogacy for Single Men

Single father surrogacy in the US usually refers to gestational surrogacy. During the last few decades, assisted reproductive technology related to gestational surrogacy has become a boon to hopeful single parents.

Here the embryo is created via IVF (in vitro fertilization), using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or donors and then transferred to the gestational carrier.

Gestational Surrogacy

In earlier scientific achievements, surrogacy meant that children conceived were genetically related to the carrier mothers. However, one of the significant advancements with gestational surrogacy is that single fathers have the opportunity to choose the egg donor. In most cases, this is a different woman than the surrogate.

Another aspect which works in your favor is that gestational surrogacy is less legally complicated compared to other kinds of surrogacy. Since the child is not related to the gestational carrier, the father has the full legal custody of the child after he or she is born.

Single Men Choosing Surrogacy

There are countless success stories on the web about single men becoming fathers through the miracle of surrogacy. One such incredible journey belongs to Joseph Tito, who is a proud father of not one, but two lovely girls.

Joseph’s Story

Joseph Tito says that he had always dreamt of becoming a dad by the time he was 35. But as a gay man running around the world and producing TV shows, it was easier said than done.

At 37, he started exploring all his options. When adoption seemed almost impossible, he started researching surrogacy. After four unsuccessful embryo transfers, he was finally given the good news – and one which he did not imagine – he was going to have twins!

Joseph went to Kenya, where his surrogate was living, to bring his two perfectly healthy little girls Stella and Mia to his hometown in Toronto. What ensued were untoward complications which required a female companion to accompany him in order to release the babies.

Once it was done, he faced problems with the girls’ birth certificates, which did not show his name as their father. After a couple more hindrances with the issuance of the girls’ passports, an ecstatic Joseph returned home happily with his babies.

Tom’s Story

Another heart-warming story belongs to Tom Garden, who has traveled the path of single father surrogacy in his 40’s. A bus ride in Jerusalem, with one of his long-lost relatives, made him realize that it was indeed time that he had kids of his own.

As a single man who is too embarrassed to consult the clinics, he sought his mother’s help. Finally, he chose a donor who flew in from Israel, and after providing his sperm sample and finding the matching surrogate, he became a father to a baby boy.

In Garden’s opinion, a lot of men in their 40’s, who want kids, but cannot have, have many apprehensions regarding surrogacy. It is not just about the costs or practicalities; it is the fear and stigma they face. They have to face harsh criticism from people their choice to become a single parent.

Throughout the surrogacy process, Garden and his surrogate have become such good friends that they still stay in contact. In fact, he has also planned another child with the help of the same surrogate. This goes on to show how surrogacy and parenthood can transform people’s lives. It also clears any doubts in people’s minds if surrogacy is feasible for single guys.

Why Single Father Surrogacy Is Becoming Popular

Gone are those days when single-parent homes were seen as a matter of concern. It may be because of the change in people’s mindsets as they became more accepting and open to modern families that come in all shapes and sizes, or due to the fact that studies show that children in single-parent families can grow up to be well-adjusted individuals when raised with utmost love and care.

Single men choose surrogacy above adoption due to the numerous benefits it offers when compared to the latter.

Shorter wait periods

Although it is true that you may need to wait a while before you find the right donor and the matching surrogate, the waiting period is much shorter as you have plenty surrogates waiting to help single men to become fathers. In contrast, you may be put on the waitlist for months or even years before you find a pregnant woman who is considering adoption.

More Control

You will be involved in the surrogacy process from the beginning- whether it is choosing the egg donor or meeting the matching surrogate, you will be included in every step of the way. But in adoption, it is the other way round – the birth mother has complete control over choosing the adoptive family.

Also, since you signed the legal agreement even before the pregnancy, you have legal custody of your child even before birth.

Furthermore, after signing the surrogacy contracts, you can stay in touch with the gestational carrier and ensure that she is getting proper prenatal care until the time the child is born.
One additional perk is that you can stay in touch with the surrogate after the birth of your child, provided she is willing.

Genetically Related

Surrogacy for intended single fathers allows them to be genetically related to their children, whereas, in adoption, you get the legal rights transferred from the biological parents. Meaning, the birth parent’s rights get terminated for the adoption process to be completed. However, in gestational surrogacy, you will be the legal parent even before the child’s birth, so the surrogate has no parental rights to be terminated.

Become a Father with Simple Surrogacy

Since 2002, Simple Surrogacy has been helping people to realize their dream of becoming parents. Based in Dallas, Texas, we have helped many gay couples and single men become fathers through surrogacy.

If you are a single guy who wants to be a father, you need not wait for the right partner. Contact us online to know about the surrogacy process or give us a call at 1-866-41-SURRO.

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