Single Fathers and Surrogacy

As surrogacy grows as a method of assisted reproduction, many people who were unable to have biological children of their own, have turned to it. Among those individuals are single fathers. Growing their families through the process of surrogacy allows single men to fulfill their dreams of having biological children of their own. We, at Simple Surrogacy, are happy to help in any way with your surrogacy journey as a single father.

Why Single Fathers Choose Surrogacy

Previously, single-parent homes caused concern, as the impact of a non-nuclear family on children was deemed inherently negative. However, new research suggests that although single-parent households experience stressors that two-parent homes don’t face, children are capable of growing up into happy and well-adjusted adults after being raised by a single parent.

Single men who want to become fathers, gay men, and widows make up the main demographic of single men who pursue surrogacy. While adoption is always an option, it can be difficult to adopt a child as a single parent. Additionally, many men prefer to raise a child that is biologically related to them. If you are considering surrogacy as a single man, here are some benefits and drawbacks to consider before finalizing your decision.


  • Biological Child – Surrogacy enables men to have children who are biologically related to them, making it easier to bond with their child.
  • No Partner Required – Life doesn’t always happen “on-time.” If you are ready for a child, but aren’t in a relationship, surrogacy allows you to have a biological child without the need for a spouse.
  • Surrogate Relationship – As surrogacy is an intimate journey, it allows single fathers the opportunity to experience pregnancy and birth with another person.


  • Cost – Surrogacy is expensive, funding surrogacy as an individual can mean taking on large debts, but there are financing options for single fathers pursuing surrogacy.
  • Waiting – As with adoption, surrogacy does feature a waiting period. You must be matched with a surrogate, and that can take some time.
  • Legal Hurdles – The law overwhelmingly favors mothers. As surrogacy is a relatively new method of assisted reproduction, single fathers may face legal battles when it comes to assuming legal parentage of their child.

The Process of Surrogacy for Single Fathers

Intended parents who are single men face a similar surrogacy process to that of their coupled or single female counterparts. They will need to be matched with a surrogate, go through the process of IVF, and then complete a gestational surrogate pregnancy.

Throughout this process, they will remain in contact with their surrogate and can expect to be updated regularly. It is common for intended parents and surrogates to remain in contact during the pregnancy, and once it is over single parents may choose to maintain contact if the surrogate agrees.

Final Thoughts

Simple Surrogacy is proud to serve our clients regardless of their marital status, and we would be happy to answer any questions and address any comments that you may have about single fathers and surrogacy. Contact us online or give us a call at: 1-866-41-SURRO.


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