A Comprehensive Guide to Screening a Surrogate

Are you considering taking the incredible step of becoming a surrogate mother? It’s a decision that embodies the utmost compassion and selflessness. Whether you’re intrigued by the idea or already deep into the process, understanding what lies ahead is crucial.

Imagine the possibility of helping someone fulfill their dream of parenthood while embarking on a transformative journey yourself. But before diving in, it’s essential to comprehend the thorough screening process involved.

This process isn’t just about checking boxes; it’s about ensuring you’re fully prepared for the emotional, mental, and physical aspects of surrogacy.

From understanding your motivations to delving into your personal history, each step is crafted with care to ensure you’re ready for the profound experience ahead. Whether you’re a prospective surrogate or simply curious about the journey, let’s delve into this compassionate path together.

Part 1: Surrogacy Consultation with your chosen Agency

The journey begins with  your initial surrogacy application, so your Agency can gather some general identifying details about you and your pregnancy history. Once your profile is entered with those details, then the next step is a  surrogacy consultation, a pivotal step where the surrogate and her primary support person engage in a dialogue with the Agency’s intake coordinator to address questions.

Lasting approximately 30-45 minutes, this session serves as an opportunity for both parties to gain insight into the surrogacy journey and gather information and answer questions.

During this consultation, the screener delves into various aspects, including the surrogate’s motivations, preferences for intended parents, medical care needs, and emotional readiness. It’s a chance for surrogates to voice their questions and concerns, fostering a sense of reassurance and clarity about the journey ahead.

Part 2: Surrogate Evaluation

Following the consultation, the surrogate proceeds to completing her surrogacy application, a comprehensive assessment that will gather on record her pregnancy history, preferences for matching and details about her life. This profile delves into the surrogate’s personal, medical, and family history to gauge suitability for surrogacy.

The surrogate shares insights into her background, family life, relationship history, support system, obstetric history, medical and mental health background, as well as financial and legal aspects. It’s an in-depth profile aimed at understanding the surrogate on a holistic level, ensuring compatibility with the surrogacy journey.

Part 3: Gathering of medical records, and OB/GYN clearance

Simultaneously, the surrogate will complete forms so that the Agency can gather medical records, and she will make an appointment with her OB/GYN to get medical clearance to become a surrogate.

Part 4: Surrogate Psychological Evaluation (PAI)

The final component of the screening process is the Surrogate Psychological Evaluation, commonly referred to as the PAI. This assessment involves a phone call evaluation with a Psychologist to make sure the surrogate and her partner, if any, are fully prepared to handle the mental rigors of the surrogacy process.

While the PAI isn’t a pass/fail evaluation, it serves as a valuable tool for understanding the surrogate’s motivations and ensuring alignment with the surrogacy journey.

Final Steps: Being Accepted as a Surrogate

Upon completing all screening components, the surrogate’s suitability for surrogacy is determined. If deemed a good fit, the surrogate embarks on the next steps, working closely with a their Agency through the matching process to choose their preferred Intended Parents.

Throughout the journey, surrogates receive unwavering support from our Program Coordination Team, ensuring a smooth and fulfilling surrogacy experience.


Through the thorough screening process outlined here, prospective surrogates gain not only insight into their own readiness but also a deeper understanding of the immense responsibility and privilege of carrying a child for intended parents.

Each step, from the initial consultation to the psychological evaluation, is meticulously designed to ensure that surrogates are equipped to navigate the complexities of the journey with grace and resilience.

With the support of professionals and a community of like-minded individuals, you’ll embark on a journey that is as rewarding as it is transformative. Embrace it with an open heart, and may your surrogacy journey be filled with hope, love, and endless possibilities.


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