Top Tips for Single Parents Expecting Surrogate Babies

Top Tips for Single Parents Expecting Surrogate Babies

Thanks to modern medical science, it’s now possible to become a parent even if you don’t have a partner. Gestational surrogacy is the process by which a fertilized egg is implanted in a surrogate mother, and this medical procedure has become increasingly popular with people who don’t have partners but still want to become parents. In addition to being single, some women also have medical conditions that prevent them from having children, but these situations are no obstacle to parenthood when you take advantage of the convenience of surrogacy agencies in Texas.

Through surrogacy, it’s possible to become a single parent. Here are some tips to assist you through the process.


The Rise of Single Parent Surrogacy

In the past, surrogacy was usually pursued by couples. This was partially due to the fact that gestational surrogacy was only perfected in the last few decades. Prior to this scientific achievement, surrogate babies were genetically related to the mothers who carried them, and some people still pursue this surrogacy arrangement, which is called traditional surrogacy.

These days, however, it’s possible for single mothers to choose a male donor to provide the sperm that will fertilize the egg that is then implanted into the surrogate mother in vitro. Inversely, single male parents are also able to choose an egg donor other than the surrogate mother if they so choose. These scientific developments have opened the door to greater control over the surrogacy process, and single people have responded with increased openness to the potential of becoming parents.

Single parent surrogacy has enjoyed its greatest increase in popularity among men, but this upward trend has also made itself apparent among women who have been unable to find partners with whom they want to have children. No matter who you are, the process of becoming the parent of a surrogate baby isn’t something that you should take lightly, and there are a few important ways that you should prepare for this incredibly positive change to your lifestyle.


How to Prepare

First, there are some philosophical and legal questions that you should consider before embarking on the process of becoming a single parent of a surrogate baby. For instance, it’s simply unavoidable that you will need to borrow either an egg or a sperm from someone you trust if you want to have a baby as a single parent. While heterosexual couples who have surrogate babies are able to use only their own genetic material, you’ll need the help of a third party in the surrogacy process if you’re single.

It’s also important to remember that while most state laws provide the same framework for single surrogate parents as they do for couples, your state may be an exception. You’ll want to brush up on all of the relevant state statutes and consider consulting with a lawyer before you go ahead with the process of finding a surrogate mother.

In addition, you’ll want to be prepared for the costs associated with surrogacy before you embark on this process. Not only does it cost a lot of money to work with a surrogate mother, but you also need to take into account the cost to raise and care for your new baby. Whether or not you put away money for college, you could be looking at expenses in the tens of thousands of dollars before all is said and done.

The high cost of surrogacy in Texas causes some prospective intended parents to look to other states or countries for surrogate mothers. However, certain countries prohibit non-couples from becoming surrogate parents, which means that you might be limited to the options that are available in the United States if you want to have a surrogate baby without a partner.

You may also face a certain degree of stigma as a single surrogate parent. Some surrogacy agencies, for instance, prefer for the intended parents to be couples, and you may also experience pushback from your community. However, none of these difficulties should hold you back from your dream of becoming a parent without a partner.

Unlike adoption, single parent surrogacy allows you to have a genetic connection with your child, and the process of having a surrogate baby can also lead to close connections between yourself and your surrogate mother. Lastly, since many birth mothers prefer to give their children away to two-parent homes, single parent surrogacy is often easier to arrange than single parent adoption.


What You’ll Need

The first step is to find a woman who is willing to bear your child. We are standing by to help you through this process and can help you handle all of the details from start to finish.

You’ll also need to purchase many items to help prepare your home for the arrival of your new family member. Items like baby clothes, diapers, and baby hygiene products are essential, and you may even want to set up a nursery room that your baby will grow into as they enter toddlerhood, childhood, and pubescence. Where you decide to have your baby sleep is up to you; some parents choose to keep their babies in a separate room, others have a crib in their bedrooms, and still others opt to use a co-sleeper, which is a type of crib that goes right next to your bed.

Most importantly, you’ll need to adapt to the emotional demands of being a parent. A child is a human being with wants, needs, and emotions that are separate from your own. As a single parent, your baby will look to you as their sole source of attachment and guidance. It’s a big responsibility to bear, but the potential payoff of being a single parent of a surrogate baby is priceless.

While single parent surrogacy is not for everyone, it can be the ideal option for individuals who want to become parents, despite not having a partner to do so with. If this situation sounds like yours, don’t hesitate to give us a call at toll-free at 1-866-41-SURRO or local at 214-673-9321. Our Executive Program Director, Stephanie Scott is looking forward to speaking with you!

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