Single Guys and Surrogacy: Is it Feasible?

As a single man, gay or straight, it can be a complicated and long process to decide if you want to raise a child. Becoming a parent can be as stressful as it is rewarding, but single men may find it difficult to even decide to become a parent in the first place, let alone figure out how to accomplish it.
Surrogacy may be the answer for single men who wish to raise a child. Deciding that surrogacy is an option for you is a great first step, but there’s still plenty of research and work to be done before you can add a new member to the family. For starters, it’s important to understand just how feasible it is for a single man to pursue surrogacy.

Surrogacy for Single Men: How It Works

As a single man, making the choice to become a father is the first step in the surrogacy process, and may be the most important one. After that decision, the road can still be a long one.
It’s important to discuss the process, including legalities and cost, with multiple surrogacy agencies so that you can find the right one for you. Make sure that the Agency you choose has worked before with single fathers and can provide you references of single fathers who have successfully been through their program to whom you can speak. Surrogacy can be expensive, and the cost for surrogacy often surpasses $100,000 for one child. Bearing that cost as a single father is a definite consideration.
When you find the right agency, the next step will be a comprehensive screening process that will help you find the perfect match for both an egg donor and a surrogate. You’ll need to find both an egg donor and a surrogate for the procedure, and your surrogacy agency should help you choose the perfect match for you. The choice is up to you, but finding the perfect donor and surrogate is something that should take a lot of time, research, and consideration before making the choice.
After finding the right agency, egg donor, and surrogate, you’ll need to provide sperm. Some single men choose to provide their own sperm so that their child can have some of their genetics, but men who are infertile or have other difficulties can find a sperm donor for the process.

The Pros and Cons of Surrogacy for Single Men

There are many pros to becoming a parent through surrogacy. One of the most important reasons some men choose surrogacy over adoption is because they can be the provider of sperm used to fertilize an egg, making the child biologically theirs.
Cons of surrogacy for single men can include the controversy surrounding single fatherhood. Another con is the cost, which can exceed your budget, necessitate loans or put surrogacy out of reach for some men. Some surrogates may be more unlikely to choose a single man to carry a baby for, so making sure your Agency has worked with single Intended Parents before is a must. Finally, consider if you are an International Intended Parent, be sure to consider the laws of your country and how it will be possible for you to become a parent under the laws of your own country. In fact, some countries may outright make it impossible for a single parent to pursue surrogacy.

Single Men, Surrogacy, and Controversy

The time, money, and legal commitments of surrogacy as a single man can be daunting and heavy. But there’s another side of surrogacy for single men that many may not consider in their search for fatherhood, and that’s the impact of controversy.
There are a number of people who argue that single men pursuing surrogacy is selfish or unnatural. These statements, however, are simply untrue. The legal and medical costs of surrogacy, plus the time and stress needed to pursue it, make it clear that any man willing to face such hurdles are willing to put in the effort needed to be a good parent.
Many controversial arguments that aim to keep single men or gay couples from having children through surrogacy are harmful and unfounded. Still, it’s important to understand that during your search for the right surrogate, egg donor that you may face criticism and difficulty. Be sure you choose and Agency that understands those challenges and can guide you through them.

So, Is Surrogacy for Single Men Feasible?

The short answer: absolutely!
Surrogacy may not be anyone’s Plan A, but in the case of the single father, it is often a first and great option for creating their family. In fact, many experts in surrogacy agencies say that surrogacy for single men is not much different than surrogacy for single mother or couples. The number of single men looking to become fathers for surrogacy is increasing and becoming less taboo, opening the door for more single men or gay couples to add a new member to their families.
If you think starting a family through surrogacy is right for you, contact Simple Surrogacy. We’ll go over your options and help make your journey through surrogacy simple.

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